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Comparison of portable DVR cameras from PROTECT line
PROTECT line consists of portable DVR cameras dedicated for indoor use (including applications in vehicles). High quality video captured by the cameras and audio from the built-in microphones are directly recorded on inserted SD/SDHC/MMC cards (1...64 GB).
The PROTECT line consists of 3 models:
Portable DVR Camera: PROTECT 501 (LCD, MPEG-4, SDHC/MMC)
Portable DVR Camera: PROTECT 520 (MPEG-4, SDHC/MMC)
Portable DVR Camera: PROTECT 520 (MPEG-4, SDHC/MMC)
Protect 501
Protect 520
Protect 701
The three different models have several characteristics in common: can record high resolution images (in 720p or SXGA resolution) in the common AVI format on inserted SD/SDHC/MMC memory cards; the frame rate of the recorded video can reach 30 fps (which guarantees excellent smoothness); each model is equipped with a suction cup with a handle (to be mounted on flat surfaces, such as glass, polished or enameled metal), 12-24 VDC / 5 VDC power supply with plug for cigarette lighter outlet, and a USB cable to connect the device to a PC.

The set of cables supplied with Protect 501, 520, 701
Parameters of the devices make them very versatile tools for monitoring of sales outlets, interiors of vehicles, environments around vehicles (recording of various events through the front or rear window), and for many other purposes that require mobile equipment. Their fixed lens with very little distortion ensure very wide, 120-degree viewing angle. For comparison, the perception of the human eye is limited to an angle of 90 degrees. So, when installing such a camera by the rear-view mirror, it sees the road and shoulder. High-sensitivity CMOS image sensors ensure clear video even in low-light conditions.
The video recording can be carried out in two modes: continuous or triggered by motion detection. In the latter case, the DVR records the video until manual stop or for a predefined period of one clip (2, 5, 15 minutes). The recording is possible at any moment, or only when the DVR is connected to an external power source (for example, it can be activated only after the vehicle's engine has been started).
A screenshot from the video captured by Protect 710 mounted on the windshield of a car
Installation and operation of the devices is intuitive - the instructions are clearly written out, function keys allow for easy control and navigation through menus. The status of recording is displayed as an icon on the LCD screen or, when it is closed, indicated by a discreet LED.
Application of a Protect DVR camera for capturing driving events.
The red line shows the viewing angle of the camera, the yellow one - of the driver.
The economical Protect 501 M70501 provides the core functions of the series. Its maximum recording resolution (with the use of MPEG-4 compression) is SXGA (1280x960). The scene captured by the DVR camera can be monitored on its 2.5" LCD screen. The camera uses 1/4'' CMOS 720x576 image sensor and built-in rechargeable battery.
Protect 520 M70520, having all the features of the Protect 501 M70501 model, additionally allows the user to adjust the rotatable LCD screen, as well as to make use of the built-in IR illuminator. The IR illuminator switches on automatically in low light, ensuring clear visibility e.g. inside a car at night (this function can be turned off). Protect 520 uses detachable BL-4C battery. This very popular type of rechargeable battery is also available on the market in versions with increased capacity.
Protect 701 M70701 is the highest model in the series. It has been equipped with very sensitive 1/4'' WXGA HD CMOS sensor providing excellent video with HDReady 720p resolution. In contrast to the lower models, the video is compressed using H.264 algorithm, which allows for longer recording time. For example, a 32 GB SDHC card can hold over 11 hours of the video footage. The built-in HDMI port allows the user to connect the camera DVR to a suitable monitor/television and directly play the recorded material.
The comparison table:
Recording resolution
1280x960 (software interpolation), 720x480, 640x4801280x960 (software interpolation), 720x480, 640x4801280x720, 848x480, 640x480
Frame rate (max)
30 fps (each resolution)
30 fps (each resolution)10 / 20 (1280x720), 30 fps for the rest
Video compression
Image sensor
CMOS 1/4'' 720x576CMOS 1/4'' 720x576WXGA CMOS HD 1/4'' 1280x720
Audio recording
YES (built-in microphone)YES (built-in microphone)YES (built-in microphone)
Motion detection
Recording modes
by motion detection,
by external power supply
by motion detection,
by external power supply
by motion detection,
by external power supply
Internal memoryNONONO
External memory slotFor SD/SDHC/MMC
Video clip length2/5/15 minutes2/5/15 minutes2/5/15 minutes
File format
Interface(s)USB 2.0USB 2.0USB 2.0, HDMI
Viewing angle
120 degrees120 degrees120 degrees
LCD screen
YES, folding
YES, folding, rotatable (270 degrees)YES, folding, rotatable (270 degrees)
Still imagesYES, 1280x960 / 640x480YES, 1280x960 / 640x480YES, 1280x960 / 640x480
Power supply5 VDC;
DC/DC adapter: 12-24 VDC to 5 VDC - for cigarette lighter outlet; rechargeable battery
5 VDC;
DC/DC adapter: 12-24 VDC to 5 VDC - for cigarette lighter outlet; rechargeable battery
5 VDC;
DC/DC adapter: 12-24 VDC to 5 VDC - for cigarette lighter outlet; rechargeable battery
Rechargeable battery
internal, Li-Ion 800 mAhinternal, detachable, Li-Ion 800mAhinternal, detachable, Li-Ion 800mAh
Included accessories12-24 VDC / 5 VDC adapter,
suction cup with a handle, USB cable
12-24 VDC / 5 VDC adapter,
suction cup with a handle, USB cable
12-24 VDC / 5 VDC adapter,
suction cup with a handle, USB cable
Working environmentinside vehicles or in roomsinside vehicles or in roomsinside vehicles or in rooms
Dimensions100 x 62 x 27 mm100 x 62 x 27 mm100 x 62 x 27 mm
Weight0.40 kg0.40 kg0.40 kg
All three models can also record audio from their built-in microphones. They may also work in still camera mode. The pictures have maximum resolution of 1280x960 pixels.
Protect camera DVRs can only record the video and audio from their built-in cameras and microphones, there is no possibility of connecting external signal sources.