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GPRS/SMS Reporting Transmitter SATEL GPRS-T1
Kód zboží: G5011
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GPRS/SMS Reporting Transmitter SATEL GPRS-T1
View of the device
The GPRS-T1 reporting converter/transmitter is a device dedicated for use in intruder alarm systems for monitoring and messaging via the GSM networks. The event codes received in the telephone format can be converted to the formats transmittable with the use of GPRS technology or SMS text messaging service. The codes in SMS format can be sent to any monitoring station which supports the SMS reporting feature. Apart from the event code conversion function, the device offers the capability of using SMS messages or CLIP service for notification about occurrence of selected events.
In order to execute some functions, the converter makes use of the features offered by the CLIP service, which enables identification of the calling party and presentation of its telephone number. Thus, test transmissions can be generated and sent without incurring any costs whatsoever.
Key features:
  • Simulation of telephone monitoring station.
  • Reception of reporting codes sent in DTMF telephone format (Ademco Express, Contact ID) or in SIA format
  • Conversion and retransmission of event codes to two monitoring stations (using the TCP or UDP protocol)
  • Acknowledgment of event code receipt:
    • after sending SMS message (code conversion to SMS format)
    • after acknowledgment of event receipt by the monitoring station (code conversion to GPRS transmittable form)
    • immediately on receiving the event code (SMS messaging and CLIP service)
  • Capability of automatic replacement GPRS transmission with SMS message, if there are problems with GPRS connectivity
  • Encrypted transmission of events sent with the use of GPRS technology
  • Notification by means of SMS messages or CLIP service about 32 selected events
  • Periodical test transmissions for checking availability of the converter/transmitter:
    • to selected telephone numbers (with the use of SMS message or CLIP service)
    • to monitoring stations
    • Capability of generating additional test transmissions:
      • after identification of the calling party's telephone number (CLIP service)
      • after receiving command from the GPRS-SOFT program
    • Option to check the balance and account validity of a prepaid SIM card installed in the module
    • Indicator of GSM signal level and logging problems
    • Output for signaling problems with logging into the GSM network
    • Converter configuration options:
      • locally – through the RS-232 (TTL) port
      • remotely – through the GSM network (via GPRS)
      • remotely – via SMS messages
Number of notified phone numbers
Remote configuration
Monitoring options
Programming and configuring app
Supply voltage
12 VDC
Dimensions80 x 57 mm
Weight0.184 kg
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GPRS/SMS Reporting Transmitter SATEL GPRS-T1
Kód zboží: G5011