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Indoor Distribution Cable: ULTIMODE IDC-4SM (4xG.652.D, 2000m reel)
Kód zboží: L7504_2000
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Indoor Distribution Cable: ULTIMODE IDC-4SM (4xG.652.D)
View of the cable
Indoor Distribution Cable: ULTIMODE IDC-4SM (4xG.652.D)
A look at the construction of the cable
Distinguishing features:
  • Minibreakout cable reinforced by aramid yarn
  • 4 single-mode G.652.D fibers
  • Fibers in 900 μm tight buffer
  • LSZH jacket
ULTIMODE IDC-4SM is indoor fiber optic cable (Minibreakout), with four 900 μm tight-buffered single-mode fibers (G.652.D) contained in one sheath. Individual fibers are comfortably accessible, which makes it easier to install optical connectors, to make splices etc. The aramid yarn is designed to protect fibers from mechanical damage, including risks posed by rodents.
ULTIMODE IDC-4SM cable contains 4 single-mode fibers. The color identification of the buffer layers complies with the GB13993.3-2001 standard. The jacket (sheath) is made of low smoke zero halogen flame retardant poly-olefin (LSZH).
The single-mode fibers used in the cable are ITU-T G.652.D, in 900 μm tight buffers. The G.652.D fibers are currently the most popular single-mode fibers, thanks to reduced water peak attenuation and capability of using within the whole 1280 nm to 1625 nm wavelength range. The G.652.D fibers are optimized for transmission at the wavelengths of 1310 nm (attenuation less than 0.36 dB/km) and 1550 nm (attenuation less than 0.22 dB/km), but they can be used at any wavelengths within the 1280-1625 nm range. The fibers are made in accordance with IEC 60793-2-50, EIA / TIA-FOTP and ITU-T G.652.D standards.
Indoor distribution cables from ULTIMODE IDC series are gel-free fiber optic cables intended for horizontal and vertical connections in buildings. Due to the small size and flexibility, the cables are ideal for installation in cable ducts and shafts. They are used in modern FTTD systems, in server rooms, for vertical and horizontal connections.

Other gel-free ULTIMODE cables of the minibreakout series:
  • ULTIMODE IDC-2SM L7502 - 2x G.652.D single-mode fiber,
  • ULTIMODE IDC-2MM L7202 - 2x OM2 50/125 multimode fiber,
  • ULTIMODE IDC-4MM L7204 - 4x OM2 50/125 multimode fiber,
  • ULTIMODE IDC-8SM L7508 - 8x G.652.D single-mode fiber,
  • ULTIMODE IDC-8MM L7208 - 8x OM2 50/125 multimode fiber.
Purchasing options for the cable:
  • L7504 - required number of meters of ULTIMODE IDC-4SM
  • L7504_100 - multiples of 100-meter sections of ULTIMODE IDC-4SM
  • L7504_2000 - 2000 meters of ULTIMODE IDC-4SM (reel)
Number of fibers
Outer diameter (jacket)4 mm
Weight18 kg / 1000 m
Fiber type
ITU-T G.652.D
IL< 0.36 dB/km at 1310 nm
< 0.22 dB/km at 1550 nm
Buffer diameter900 μm
Crush resistance1000 N /100 mm
Operating temperature range- 40oC... 60oC
Installation temperature range- 40oC... 70oC
Cross-section of a ULTIMODE IDC cable

1. LSZH jacket (sheath)
2. Aramid yarn
3. 900 μm tight buffer
4. Optical fiber
ULTIMODE Building System is a solution to create FTTH networks in buildings (Fiber To The Home). The system provides a complete range of products for deployment of fiber optic links in each apartment/office, including "open space" offices.
Price for 2000-meter length (reel)
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Indoor Distribution Cable: ULTIMODE IDC-4SM (4xG.652.D, 2000m reel)
Kód zboží: L7504_2000