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IR Illuminator: Redbeam IRN40 (940nm,45°)
Kód zboží: M1649
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IR Illuminator: Redbeam IRN40 (940nm,45°)
View of the illuminator
Gold Medal of Securex for Redbeam IR illuminators
Readbeam IR80 je moderní IR zářič navržen pro venkovní použití. Jeho IR LED pole poskytuje IR světelný paprsek na vlnové délce 940 nm, s polovičním vyzařovacím úhlem 22 o (plný provozní úhel: 45 o), s maximální vzdáleností 40 m. Infračervené záření při této vlnové délce je zcela neviditelné pro lidské oko.
Distinguishing features:
  • IR LED array
  • IR wavelength (940 nm) completely invisible to the human eye
  • Output power: 2400 mW
  • Maximum operational distance: 40 m
  • Half-power beam width: 22o
  • 8-times longer life than conventional LEDs
  • Outdoor aluminum housing
IR illuminators of Redbeam series are modern devices for providing homogeneous IR light in the monitored area in order to enable CCTV cameras to capture images in low-light or no-light environments. The advantage of the series is application of a specially designed LED array (instead of a conventional set of diodes) which, together with optical lens/es, ensures desired operational angle and distance.
View of the optical part of IRN40 M1649 illuminator
To effectively use an infrared illuminator operating at 940 nm, the camera must be sensitive to radiation at this wavelength. The examples are cameras based on Sony Exview image sensors. As can be seen in the chart below, the sensitivity of such sensors in infrared spectrum is much higher than conventional ones, especially around 950 nm. For best results in a 24-hour cycle, the camera should be equipped with a mechanical IR cut filter (ICR).
Graph showing the dependence of sensitivity from the wavelength for Exview and a typical image sensor
In addition to the appropriate camera sensor, the lens should have IR correction. We highly recommend such lenses from //www.dipolnet.cz/tokina,search-4344">Tokina.
A typical IR LED provides output power between 5 mW and 15 mW, so, even in the case of short operational distance, an IR illuminator has to employ at least several such diodes. The Redbeam IRN40 illuminator provides 2400 mW. This means a much longer range, in spite of the small size of the device.
Comparison of IR illuminators with similar output power
The array of small size makes it easy to shape the beam with lenses. In the case of a traditional IR LED illuminator, the angle of the beam depends on the arrangement of LEDs, which is not a flexible solution. Using this LED array, virtually any angle can be achieved. The examples are the dome models M1642 and M1643, with beams of 180o.
Another advantage of the arrays is the lifetime of the materials used. Standard heavy-duty IR diodes operate around 6000 hours. In the case of the arrays, the expected lifetime is about 50000 hours. It means that they can work for over 10 years (12/24 cycle)!
The water-tight casing is made of aluminum. To prevent overheating, the body is formed as a radiator. The light beam is shaped by a lens system.
The illuminator should be mounted on a camera bracket (using one of the two 1/4" holes), or directly screwed to an outdoor housing, using M9950 screw (the distance between holes is 22 mm).
Our offer includes another IR illuminator operating at 940 nm, for distances up to 60 m ( M1653 ), and IR illuminators operating at 850 nm, for distances up to 30 m ( M1640 ) and 90 m ( M1647 ).
There are available cameras with pre-mountedM1632 illuminator/s: M1130 (one illuminator), M1131 (two illuminators).
The benefits of Redbeam IR illuminators are more thoroughly discussed in article
Output power [mW]2400
Wavelength [nm]940
Half-power beam width [°]22
Range of operation [m]
Supplying voltage [V]12 (DC) , 24 (AC)
Power consumption [W]6
Operating temperature [°C]-20 ... +50
Dimensions [mm]158 x 84 x 108
Weight [kg]0.3
Redbeam - IR illuminators
Movie showing the advantages of IR illuminator with radiation angle of 180o in vertical plane
and 360o in horizontal plane, in comparison with a typical, directional IR illuminator
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IR Illuminator: Redbeam IRN40 (940nm,45°)
Kód zboží: M1649