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TV Modulator - MT-29P (1-69 & S9-S17, with AC/DC adapter)
Kód zboží: R871729
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TV Modulátor - MT-10P (6-12 & S9-S16, se zdrojem energie)
View of the modulator

It is high class, dual side band modulator of Lithuanian firm Terra (made in EC). Due to high output level (100dB), it is applicable in non-professional head stations. Of course, it is possible to combine several pieces (e.g. 8, with FV-8 R60108 splitter). The modulator allows operation in B/D/I/L/M/N standards. It can provide reception in even 30 outlets. The high output level of the modulator permits omitting additional stages of signal amplification.

Modulator MT-29

Code R871729
Video input frequency rangeHz20...6M
Video input level / impedanceV +-dB / ohm1 +-1 / 75
Audio input frequency rangeHz20...15k
Audio input level/
impedance / deviation
mV RMS /
kohm / kHz
775 /
10 / 50
Audio input preemphasisus50
Audio input level adjustmentdB+1...-14
RF output level (typical) / impedancedBuV / ohm100 / 75
RF output output channels 1-12, S9-S17, 21-69
RF output level adjustmentdB0...-15
RF output signal / noise ratiodB>=-56
RF output II, III intermodulation distortiondB-60
Amplitude modulation depth, typical%81
Video frequency responsedB+-1(0.5...4MHz); +1...-2
A1/V ratiodB12 +-3; 16 +-3
Accuracy of carrier frequencykHz+-50
Frequency instability <1/100,000
Fine tuning range of video carrier frequencyMHzmax +- 2.25, step 0.25
Mains voltageV198...250
Power parameters and consumptionV / Hz / VA230 / 50 / 5
Operating temperature rangeoC-10...+50
Dimensions / weight (gross)mm / kg128x105x50.5 / 0.5
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TV Modulator - MT-29P (1-69 & S9-S17, with AC/DC adapter)
Kód zboží: R871729