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Video transformátor/přijímač TRO-4/400 výprodej!
Kód zboží: M1670
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UTP Video Receiver: TRO-4/400 - CLEARANCE SALE!
View of the device

UTP Video Receiver: TRO-4/400 - CLEARANCE SALE!
Front view

TRO-4/400 is designed to power with DC voltage and receive video signals from four TRN-1/400 (video transformers/transmitters) M1668 via a twisted pair cable (UTP, FTP) over a distance up to 400 meters. The device is fed with AC 24-29V coming from an external AC power supply.
The camera signal sent to one of TRN-1/400 transmitters M1668 is re-sent to the TRO-4/400 receiver via a twisted pair. Both the transmitter and receiver adjust their impedance of 75 ohm coaxial cable to that of the outgoing TP cable, which allows the transmission of video signal over longer distances (400meters). The TRO-4/400 receiver feeds the twisted pair cable with unstable DC (max 40V) which is later stabilized at the level of 12V in the TRN-1/400 transmitter M1668. This allows simultaneous powering of 4 cameras equipped with heaters and thermostats. If one assumes that the power consumption of a camera equals 250mA/12V and that of a thermostat is 500mA/12V (TT-12E), then power can be sent with a standard 0.5 mm twisted pair cable (24AWG) over the following distances:


Type of load

Max distance at AC29V

Max distance at AC24V


4 cameras with thermostats

4 x 420m



3 cameras with thermostats
+ one without

3x440m + 1x1200 m



2 cameras with thermostats
+2 without

2x480m + 2x1400 m

3x55m + 1x190m


1 camera with thermostat
+3 without

1x480m + 3x1500m

2x130m + 2x720m


4 cameras without thermostats


4x720 m

For distances greater than 400m a video amplifier should be installed.




Video bandwidth

up to 50 MHz

Nominal video loss

0.5 dB (at f = 5 MHz)

Impedance of the coaxial outputs

75 ohm

Impedance of the symmetrical inputs

100 ohm

Types of connectors

4 x BNC sockets

Types of symmetrical cable connectors

4 x RJ-45 sockets (8 pin, 4 pairs)

Power input (max parameters)

29VAC / 2A

Max. output voltage


Max. current (40VDC)



100 g


117x64x30 mm

Connection diagram: the device with 4 cameras without thermostats

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Video transformátor/přijímač TRO-4/400 výprodej!
Kód zboží: M1670