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Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector SATEL MSD-300 (MICRA systems)
Kód zboží: G2752
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Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector SATEL MSD-300 (MICRA systems)
View of the wireless smoke and heat detector
SATEL MSD-300 is a smoke and heat detector designed for early detection of a developing fire. In addition to providing information about the hazard to the control panel, the detector can warn of the danger, using the built-in siren. In contrast to conventional smoke detectors, this device reacts not only to visible smoke, but also to a rapid increase in temperature, thus providing more complete protection against the danger of fire. The unique design of the measuring chamber provides high sensitivity and omnidirectional characteristics, the precise Hexamesh stainless steel filter prevents dirt and small insects from getting to the inside. It can operate as a standalone device or in combination with MICRA alarm module with firmware version 2.02 or newer.
During transport and installation, the detector is protected by a dust cap, which allows for mounting the device in rooms that are not finished yet.
The detector is intended for use inside rooms and should be mounted on a ceiling, at least 0.5 m away from a wall. Such location ensures proper detection of smoke. Due to the fact that the sensor also has a built-in thermistor which detects the rise of temperature, it should not be located close to heating equipment.
An alarm is indicated by LED (steady light) and intermittent sound, for 2 minutes. The user can clear the alarm by pressing the test/reset button. The alarm information is sent by radio to MICRA alarm module. If the cause of the alarm is eliminated, the detector sends the appropriate information. Every 15 minutes the detector transmits information on the status of the anti-tamper contact and battery level. The periodic transmissions are used to monitor the presence and operation of the detector by the MICRA module.
Response time limits for the heat sensor
Rate of air temperature rise
Lower limit of response timeUpper limit of response time
129 min40 min 20 s
37 min 13 s13 min 40
54 min 9 s8 min 20 s
101 min4 min 20 s
2030 s2 min 20 s
3020 s1 min 40 s
The battery life expectancy time is about 3 years. The low battery state (voltage drop to 2.6 V) is signaled acoustically (a beep every 40 seconds), as well as the information is sent to the MICRA module which can notify the user of the system.
Distinguishing features
  • unique Swirl chamber accelerating smoke detection
  • temperature rise detection system meeting the requirements of Class A1R according to EN54-5
  • precision mechanical filter (Hexamesh stainless steel) to prevent ingress of insects and dust inside the detector
  • manual test and alarm reset button to facilitate regular verification of correct operation
  • detection and indication of dirt in the detection chamber to facilitate system diagnostics and maintenance
  • easy to mount
  • energy management system allowing many years of operation without having to replace the CR123A lithium battery
  • detection of tampering (opening the enclosure), active in the MICRA system
Operating frequency band433,05...434,79 MHz
Radio communication range (in open area)up to 200 m 
BatteryCR123A 3V
Battery life expectancy
ca. 3 years
Mounting recommendations
min. 0.5 m from wall
Standby current consumption50 μA
Maximum current consumption 20 mA
Class according to EN 54-5 (heat sensor)
Minimum static response temperature54°C
Maximum static response temperature65°C
Environmental class (EN50130-5)II
Operating temperature range0°C...55°C
Weight0.170 kg
Maximum humidity (RH)93±3%
Dimensions ø 108 x 61 mm
Cena bez DPHCena s DPHSlevaplatnost  
953,44 Kč1153,66 Kč0 %
Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector SATEL MSD-300 (MICRA systems)
Kód zboží: G2752