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4-channel Active Video Balun: Etrix 4VA-R (receiver)
Kód zboží: M16745
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4-channel Active Video Balun: Etrix 4VA-R (receiver)
Front view
4-channel Active Video Balun: Etrix 4VA-R (receiver)
Rear view
4-channel Active Video Balun: Etrix 4VA-R (receiver)
View of the packaging
The active UTP video receiver is used to receive four video signals transmitted from complementary active video transmitter (Etrix 4VA-T M16744) via 8-wire CAT5e UTP cable over distances up to 2400 m, preserving original video quality.
The device matches the 100 ohm impedance of the balanced transmission lines (UTP cable) the impedance of the unbalanced inputs of a multiplexer, DVR etc. Used in video surveillance systems, the pairs of complementary devices allow efficient design of transmission lines without hard wiring.
LED indicators
  • red: POWER
  • green: VIDEO
Distinguishing features
  • interference-free reception of four video signals
  • the four channels use one 8-wire CAT5e UTP cable - it's cheaper and better solution than troublesome long coaxial lines
  • maximum transmission distance 2400 m (using complementary active transmitter Etrix 4VA-T M16744)
  • maximum transmission distance 1500 m (using a passive video transmitter)
  • built-in anti-interference filters
The type of cable and connector wiring
A UTP cable rated CAT5 or higher is required. The quality of the cable used has a direct impact on the image quality and transmission range.
The wires should be connected (using a crimping tool, e.g. J9210) in accordance with the scheme TIA/EIA-586B for RJ-45 connectors. Coaxial cables terminated with BNC plugs are to be connected to the BNC sockets.
RJ-45 wiring
"Sharpness" DIP switches allow to adjust the receiver to the parameters of transmission line in order to get the best results. A suitable brightness levels of the received video can be set with "Brightness" knobs.
Application diagram
The combination of active transmitter ( M16744) and receiver ( M16745)
allowing long-distance transmission of four video channels
NameEtrix 4VA-R
Bandwidth0...8 MHz
Impedance of unbalanced outputs
75 ohm
Impedance of balanced inputs
100 ohm
Resistance of balanced lines (rated)18 ohm / 100 m
Differential capacity of balanced lines (max)62pf/m
Supported standardsNTSC, PAL, SECAM, CCIR
Power12 VDC / 160 mA
Operating temperature-10...70 °C
Storage temperature-30...70 °C
Dimensions204 x 103 x 49 mm
(except for BNC sockets)
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4-channel Active Video Balun: Etrix 4VA-R (receiver)
Kód zboží: M16745