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The rH-T1P1 module is a combination of low power, passive motion detector and temperature sensor. It senses the presence of a person by monitoring changes in infrared and transmits each change to the system. Communication with the server takes place by radio. It detects the presence of people through changes in infrared radiation and transmits the information about each change to the system. The temperature reading is transmitted every five minutes, only if the temperature has changed. The communication with the server takes place by radio. The module is particularly suitable for controlling lighting, heating, air conditioning, and for use as an element of integrated alarm system.
Symbol in design and configuration software:
The symbol of rH-P1T1
The rH-P1T1 module is represented by object that consists of one binary (two-state) input and output. When someone is detected, the object generates the logic state "1", otherwise the state is "0". Additionally, it has temperature level output. The temperature output has significant inertia (the senor is placed inside the housing), therefore the rH-P1T1 module is suitable for measuring temperature in low-dynamic environments (a change below 1°C/hour).
  • Unscrew the sensor housing.
  • Unscrew and take out the electronics board.
  • Using two screws fasten the back cover of the sensor to the joint.
  • Mount the electronics board.
  • Pull out the battery protective foil.
  • Assemble the sensor housing.
  • Mount the bracket on a wall according to installation recommendations given below.
  • Place the sensor on the bracket.
The installation recommendations:
The motion sensor should not be installed in front of windows or in areas exposed to direct sunlight.
Make sure that the sensor has the appropriate field of view (no obstructions like flowers, furniture, partitions etc).
It is not recommended to mount the sensor in the vicinity of heating or air-conditioning equipment that can significantly alter the ambient temperature during a comparatively short time.
The sensor should be mounted on a rigid surface, at a minimum height of 2.4 m.
The motion sensor exhibits greater sensitivity to movement across the detection zone than in the direction of the sensor.
The detection area - view from the top
The detection area - side view
An example application:
In the diagram above, in the case of motion detection the F1802 sensor provides logic state "1" and the relay of the F1211 module switches on the lamp. Additionally, the temperature sensor can be used for displaying the temperature level in the room and for controlling a heating/air conditioning system. The second channel of the F1211 module can be used e.g. for switching light in another room.
About the system:
Name F&Home Radio rH-P1T1
Code F1802
Battery 2x AAA
Battery lifetime
12 - 36 months
RF communication band [MHz] 868
Communication mode one-way with ack
Data encryption YES
Open space range 100 m
Motion detection area110°; 15 m
Weight/height sensitivity18 kg / 60 cm
Temperature measurement range -20ºC ... 45ºC
Temperature measurement resolution 0.1ºC
Battery monitoring
Operating temperature range -20ºC ...+50ºC
Operating humidity / environment <= 85% (no condensation of water vapor / no aggressive gasses
The hardware dead-time of motion sensor
4 s
Dimensions [mm] 112x66x45
Ingress protection rating IP 20
F&HOME RADIO integrates electrical installations in such a way that the processes of heating, air conditioning, ventilation, lighting, alarm and access control form one efficient system - all for the safety and comfort of the residents. With wireless two-way communication between the central unit (server) and both sensors and actuators, software solutions, as well as remote control of the system that can performed by the users in many ways, the system allows them to manage home energy resources in a manner appropriate to their needs.
In practice, this means the ability to integrate electrical appliances in such a way that a hand gesture can create a romantic light scene in the living room and bedroom, pull down the shutters or blinds and adjust the interior temperature, for example. The option of remote control via the Internet ensures that even after our return from a long journey we are welcomed by the house as if we have never left.


Název rH-P1T1 module
Typ zboží
System F&Home Radio
Mounting Pojízdné
Housing type
Transmission type
Frequency MHz 868
Aplikace indoor
Number of transmitters 1
Power supply battery 2 × AAA
Snímač pohybu Detection angle ° 110
oblast detekce m 15
Temperature sensor rozsah °C -20...45
resolution °C
Range m 100
Protection rating IP20
Provozní teplota ºC -20...50
Humidity 0...85
Rozměry mm 112 × 66 × 45