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Podrobný popis

The RDP-01 wireless dimmer cooperates with traditional light bulbs and compact halogen lamps powered by electronic or toroidal power supply transformers. Such radio dimmers are used both as installation components located in flush or surface mounted boxes, and drivers placed directly in housings of lamps or other electrical receivers. The device has several different functions: a traditional lighting dimmer, switch on time control (e.g. staircase time switch), memory of preset comfort light level.
Key features:
  • Cooperating with EXTA FREE controls (transmitters)
  • Switching on/off and dimming/brightening light sources
  • For use with traditional bulbs and halogen lamps powered by electronic or toroidal power supply transformers
  • Memory of the preset light level
  • Easy to mount in junction boxes with 60 mm diameter
  • Long reception range (up to 230 m)
  • Optical indication of operation
  • Low power consumption, possibility of continuous operation
The RDP-01 F5301 wireless dimmer is controlled by the RNK-04 F5102 4-channel wireless remote control (switching on/off and dimming/brightening).


Název RDP-01 Exta Free 1-channel radio junction box dimmer.
Typ zboží ,
System Exta Free
Transmission type
Frequency MHz 868
Aplikace indoor
Number of relays 1
Relay parameters maximální výkon W 250
Power supply voltage VAC 230
Range m 100
Protection rating IP20
Provozní teplota ºC -10...55
Rozměry mm 48 × 48 × 20