Kód zboží: G2110
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View of an INT-KSG-xxx touch keypad
The INT-KSG-WSW touch keypad has not only attractive design, but also provides simplification of the daily operation of advanced alarm systems and home automation, using the functionalities of the INTEGRA control units. With MACRO functions, whole sequences of actions can be performed through single commands. This way, they can be used e.g. for sophisticated light scenes.
The INT-KSG-WSW keypad is white, with silver rim.
  • large, easily readable LCD displaying detailed information on system state
  • keypad backlight to allow the use in dark rooms
  • new user interface that makes everyday use easier
  • customizable standby screen
  • installer defined 4 menus (16 items each) and quick access functions
  • MACRO feature that activates sequence of actions with a single key
  • individual key-press feedback with LED and beep
  • LED indicators of system state
  • dedicated triggering keys for PANIC, FIRE and AUX alarms
  • audible indication of system events
  • 2 zones
  • indication of loss of communication with main panel
  • available in light (INT-KSG-SSW), dark (INT-KSG-BSB) and white (INT-KSG-WSW) finish
Code G2110
Supply voltage [VDC] 12 (±15%)
Max current consumption [mA] 175
Environmental class (EN50130-5) II
Max humidity (RH)
Dimensions [mm] 143 x 156 x 22
Weight [kg] 0.32



Typ zboží Handler
Brand Satel
Compatibility Integra
Barva White with silver frame
Communication method Przewodowa
Communication with the user LCD display
Number of inputs 2
Backlight color White
Electrical specifications
Power supply DC V 12 +/-15%
Standby current drawn mA 165
Max. current consumption mA 175
Ekologická třída podle normy EN50130-5 II
Provozní teplota °C -10 ...+ 55
Maximální vlhkost 93+/-3
Rozměry mm 143 × 156 × 22
Weight kg