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DS-KH6320Y-WTE2 is a modern touch monitor designed to control Hikvision second-generation video intercom systems in the 2-Wire standard. The monitor allows direct audio/video conversation with people at the door station and intercom communication between other monitors (indoor stations) installed in the system. This way, the users/residents can communicate one with another for free. The system is operated with a transparent and intuitive graphical interface. The monitor allows the user to connect and view images from IP cameras and gate stations at any time. It is also possible to capture a photo during a video call and record a short message if you miss a call. The built-in 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi module enables wireless connectivity. The panel is powered with 24 VDC via the 2-Wire trunk using the G74823 DS-KAD706Y distributor. After connecting the distributor to the network via LAN, each supported device is assigned with its own IP address and is visible and configurable, as in the case of IP video intercoms.
Key features:
  • 7” color TFT LCD display with resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels,
  • indoor station controlled with UI v2.0 GUI,
  • built-in speakers and microphone,
  • monitoring video from door/gate station and other IP cameras,
  • clear sound thanks to echo and noise cancellation,
  • configuration via iVMS-4200 (v3),
  • management and control via iVMS-4200 (v3), Hik-Connect app,
  • additional functions: intercom, saving images and voice messages,
  • capturing photos during the tenant absence,
  • built-in memory: 128 MB,
  • support for microSD cards up to 128GB,
  • 8 alarm inputs,
  • 2 relay outputs,
  • built-in 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi module (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n),
  • power and communication via G74824 DS-KAD706Y – 24 VDC,
  • 2nd-generation IP video phone.
NOTE! Current software version is available
The device is compatible with the 2-Wire system with the Y letter in its designation.
2-Wire system
There is often a need to replace the existing intercom (video) system with a newer one, offering greater functionality and quality. Such an upgrade may require replacement of the cabling, e.g. with twisted pair cables for IP systems. Hikvision video intercom is of help here, working in the 2-wire standard, the so-called 2-Wire, which offers the capabilities of an IP system. Building a compact system involves connecting monitors and the main module of the door station to the G74824 DS-KAD706Y distributor via a 2-wire (2-Wire) bus. The 2-Wire bus allows for both, powering the devices and establishing communication. The distributor also allows further expansion and connection to the LAN.
Diagram of the Hikvision 2-wire video intercom
Hikvision's second-generation IP and 2-Wire video door entry systems feature an aesthetically pleasing design and high functionality. The door station has a modular design, which means that its components can be selected according to the requirements of the system. It always includes a main module that allows powering the other modules and optional expansion modules (max. 8). Both the main module of the IP system, G73652 DS-KD8003-IME1/EU, and the main module of the 2-Wire system, G73646 DS-KD8003Y-IME2, allow further expansion using the same additional modules.
  • DS-KD8003Y-IME2 G73646 – 2-Wire system main module,
  • DS-KD-E G73660 – EM 125 kHz card reader module,
  • DS-KD-M G73662 – Mifare 13.56 MHz card reader module,
  • DS-KD-IN G73664 – indicator module,
  • DS-KD-KK G73666 – 6-button name tag module,
  • DS-KD-KP G73668 – numerical keypad module,
  • DS-KD-DIS G73670 – display module,
  • DS-KD-TDM G73671 – display module with touch screen and Mifare reader,
  • DS-KD-BK G73672 – empty module.
The door/gate station can be expanded with the use of flush or surface frames for embedding 1, 2 or 3 module(s) – (DS-KD-XXX), which allows for easy extension of the system depending on the requirements.
Simple alarm system functions
The functionality and security of a system built on the basis of DS-KH6320Y-WTE2 panels can be increased by extending it with alarm functions. The monitor is equipped with 8 inputs for connecting sensors and 2 alarm outputs. Information on the violation of a given sensor can be transferred to the Hik-Connect mobile application. The system can be divided into zones and several modes of arming, so it is easy to adjust the system to individual needs. The sensors connected to the system must be NO/NC type. The response type can be selected individually for each sensor: 24 h alarm, instant alarm, and delay alarm.
System configuration and management
The of the IP video door system can be configured using the iVMS 4200 (v3) client software. The iVMS 4200 client software enables users of HIKVISION devices, such as IP DVRs/NVRs, TurboHD DVRs, video door systems to manage them in IP networks. The software allows for remote configuration and management of the devices. In the case of operating video intercom systems, it is possible to open doors remotely, record the video from the camera, take snapshots, make voice calls to the subscriber monitor(s). The application can also send text notifications with snapshots to the subscriber(s). Any information can be transferred easily and quickly, for example the user of the door station can directly call the monitoring center (iVMS-4200) and establish connection with the security staff.
Login page of the iVMS-4200 (v3) client software
Access via mobile devices
Hikvision devices can be operated via mobile phones with Android or iOS using the dedicated Hik-Connect mobile application. It can be used for remote live viewing from DVR, NVR, network cameras, video door entry systems using Wi-Fi, 2G or 3G networks and also to view stored recordings. Operating video intercoms with the application provides also remote opening of the electric strike, receiving notifications and transferring calls from the entrance panel to the phone in the absence of the subscriber. The application supports connectivity over IP and a P2P cloud. Hik-Connect is also the name of the cloud service that provides access to devices in the absence of an external IP address.


Model DS-KH6320Y-WTE2
Výrobce Hikvision
Typ zboží
Product generation II
Yes, max 128 GB
Memory Mb 128
Flash Mb 32
Display " 7, color TFT
resolution px 1024 × 600
Komprese videa H.264
Built-in speaker/microphone
Two-way audio
Audio compression G.711A, G.711U
Audio bitrate kbps 64
Audio quality
relay outputs 2 (NO)
Alarm inputs 8
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, 2,4 GHz
Network interface 2-Wire
Other interfaces RS-485
Protokoly TCP/IP, SIP, RTSP
Power supply DC V 24 (2-Wire)
Power consumption W max. 4
Provozní teplota °C -10...50
Humidity 10...90
Rozměry mm 200 × 140 × 23.6
Weight kg