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MG180SR HARTTE electromagnetic lock (surface mounted, closure monitoring, LED indication, holding force 180 kg) Bira
View of the lock
MG280SR is an indoor Hartte Bire series electro-magnetic lock dedicated to work in access control and time & attendance systems. It is characterized by small dimensions and lack of residual magnetism, so that when the power is disconnected, it releases the holding plate and allows the door to open without delay. The lock has a holding force of 280 kg and is dedicated for surface mounting. It is also provided with lock monitoring in the form of a reed switch LED indicator.
Main features:
  • operating mode: NO (normally open),
  • flush-mounted – indoor,
  • holding force: 2800 N (280 kg),
  • closure monitoring – reed switch,
  • LED indicator,
  • no residual magnetism,
  • no "button" to repel the gate plate from the jumper – no corrosion,
  • power supply: 12/24 VDC,
  • current drawn: 450/240 mA,
  • dimensions: 250 × 49 × 25 mm,
  • weight: 2.1 kg.
Model MG280SR
Product type Lock
System Access control
Brand Bira
Mounting Surface, indoor
Operating mode NO (normally open)
Holding force kg 280
Power supply VDC V 12/24
Current drawn VDC mA 450/240
Closure monitoring Yes
LED indicators Yes
Varistor No
Waterproof No
Operating temperature °C -10...+55
Dimensions mm 250 × 49 × 25
Weight kg 2.1


Typ zboží Lock
System Access control
Brand Bira
Installation Surface, Indoor
Operating mode NO (normally open)
Holding force kg
Power supply DC V 12/24
Current drawn DC mA
Closure monitoring Yes
Varistor No
Waterproof No
Provozní teplota
Rozměry mm
Weight kg