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DIPOL "Signal" singing robot is the original project of DIPOL. It has been built with materials available in the DIPOL wholesale network
How we were designing the robot in June 2011
This is the DIPOL Singing Robot completed in October 2011
The likeable robot was a great attraction at SatKrak 2011 (Krakow, October 13-15)
Here are a few technical details:
  • Neck drive - GL-402 - outdoor Pan-Tilt mechanism for cameras, powered with 24 VAC. Pan speed in both directions 6o/s, tilt speed 3o/s.
  • Arm drive - satellite actuators powered with 18 VDC.
  • A micro switch in the middle of the range indicates the neutral position.
  • Hand drive - indoor Pan-Tilt mechanism for cameras, powered with 24 VAC.
  • Eyes - TP-LINK Pan-Tilt IP cameras, which are designed to transmit video and audio from the robot's head. The alarm output is used to trigger the robot moves from standby mode. Specific presets make the "eyes" look at the same programmed places.
  • Jaw - constructed from the housing of the power supply of a Signal multiswitch, motorized by actuators from a car central locking system. The circuit is powered with +/-12 VDC. The movements have been connected with the audio input with the use of a specially developed control system. There is a speaker inside the jaw.
  • Leg drive - 36 VDC actuator normally used to open/close garage doors.
  • Trunk drive - 5 VDC motor with gearbox (7 rpm) with on/off control, eccentric drive of the upper part of the robot.
  • Smoke generator - powered from 230 VAC power network.
  • General control - hybrid solution: bionic (IP), acoustic, remote.
Below - the list of the robot "hardware"
A few portraits
Some construction details
At the SatKRAK 2011 trade fair in Krakow (Oct. 13-15), the presence of Signal turned out to be a sensation,
as well as its singing abilities and other things. It was a popular exhibit with lots of people taking pictures
and a subject of many conversations.
The current location of Signal

Currently, the robot can be viewed from Monday to Friday, between 8.00 - 16.30 in DIPOL headquarters in Krakow, Cieplownicza 40 Street. The staff will be happy to provide all information regarding its construction and the components used. Everyone can get the component list for free there.
Robot's name
We have announced a contest for the ultimate name of the robot. The votes will also be collected at the fairs where the robot appears. Here are some of the ideas from the voters, in alphabetical order:

Akmer, Androdip11, Andrus, Andrzej, Ant-Ek, Bobodip, Butok, Chao Ren, Changshen Tiangjun, Cramok, Cyberdipek, CyberDipol, Czeslaw, Cyfron, Defalbetek, Diboro, Diboot, Dip, Dipcio, Dipek, Diplek, Diplo, Dipobot, Dipointeligent, Dipolander, Dipolator, Dipolbot, Dipolek, Dipoleksatek, Dipolex, Dipoliglota, Dipollo, Dipolon, Dipolek, Dipoludek, Diponutek, Diporob, Diposignalux, Di-Rob-X1, Electronicus, Faiter, Filip, Happy Baby, Henio, Infotechnik, Kablowy stworek, Koncentry Multiswitchowski, Kraftwerk, Lei Shen, Leonardo, Leopold-Poldi, Lopidek, No1, Maximus Roboticus, Megapowerek, Multidipol, Opodipolbot, Petrus, Poldi, R2Dip2, RD-1, Robi, Robix, Robocop, Robodipek, RoboDIPOLrewelnaSatKraku, RoboDipolCricket, Robomux, Robotex, Robopol, Robus, Routerson, Satelinoid, Signal HunterSinatronic (from F. Sinatra), Stasio, Sonny, Tadeusz, Tadeo, Tianxian Baobao, To i Owo, UFO, Wiesio, Xiao Shen Tong, X-switchman, Xue Ying, Zenon, Zlaczosticzek.