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Access Point with WISP: APPro 2405 (2.4 GHz)
Kód zboží: N2802
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WISP Access Point: APPro 2405 (2.4 GHz)
View of the device
WISP Access Point: APPro 2405 (2.4 GHz)
Rear view - the connectors
WISP Access Point: APPro 2405 (2.4 GHz)
The set includes power supply and patch cable
WISP Access Point: APPro 2405 (2.4 GHz)
View of the packaging
Distinguishing features:
  • APPro54G software allowing to configure many functions not available in other devices
  • 2 MB Flash, 16 MB SDRAM
  • High sensitivity of receiver
  • Possibility of using any external antenna connected via SMA/RP
  • Several ports: 5 x Ethernet port (4×LAN, 1×WAN/PoE)
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet)
APPro2405 devices use RealTek 8186 chipset and extended version of APPro54G software - a special distribution of Linux system offering a number of functions very useful in wireless networks.

APPro 2405 contains all software tools needed for configuration, management and diagnostics of computer networks. Application of Linux system provides greater functionality (bandwidth management, port filtering, firewall, NAT) than typical solutions. Use of the software enables WISP providers to configure the devices as efficient access points (nodes of the network) or flexible client stations.
  • RTL8186 priocessor, 2 MB Flash, 16 MB SDRAM;
  • port PoE, allowing to power the device directly via Ethernet cable;
  • heat sink on the processor improving reliability of the equipment;
  • several ports: 5 x Ethernet port (4×LAN, 1×WAN/PoE);
  • possibility of using an external antenna connected via SMA/RP;
  • internal antenna allowing operation in Repeater mode, together with the main/external antenna;
  • power:9 V DC , 800 mA (AC/DC adapter incl.)
  • Linux kernel ver. 2.4.18;
  • Busybox ver. 1.0.0;
  • Iptables ver. 1.2.9 (MASQUERADE, SNAT, DNAT, MAC, TTL, iplimit, IPP2P);
  • Iproute2 (HTB, WRR, PRIO, ESFQ);
  • traceroute, ping, arping, tcpdump, nslookup tools;
  • shell compatible with Bash (SSH/Telnet);
  • gcc compiler.
  • AP, AP+WDS, APC, bridge, multipoint bridge and repeater modes;
  • no MAC address masking when cooperating with MikroTik or Ubiquiti devices;
  • full routing for WLAN/LAN/WAN (any configuration);
  • NAT and DHCP for WLAN or LAN;
  • hardware implementation of NAT ensures routing/translation of addresses up to 50 Mbps;
  • possibility of configuring Ethernet ports as LAN or WAN;
  • MAC address clonning (each interface);
  • possibility of adjusting sensitivity and independent settings of Tx output power for CCK (802.11b) and OFDM (802.11g) modulations;
  • packet aggregation in bridge mode;
  • intra-cell blocking of client-to-client connections (Intra BSS Traffic);
  • NETBIOS Filtering;
  • Broadcast Filtering;
  • Tx Operation Rate;
  • Watchdog restarting the device in the case of connection loss;
  • automatic restart of the device in regular periods;
  • support for PPPoE (WLAN and WAN client, PPPoE Relay Support);
  • PPPoE client compatible with MikroTik, support for pap, chap, mschap and mschapv2;
  • user-friendly interface allowing to edit DHCP, Traffic Manager resource node assignments etc.
Bandwidth management
  • QoS supported by Linux system;
  • flexible Traffic Manager, allowing to limit bandwidth, number of connections and packets per second - for selected hosts or groups of hosts;
  • scheduling algorithms (prioritization);
  • limiting total number of packets per second - to eliminate possibility of network overload caused by P2P, VoIP, malicious software;
  • limiting total traffic - to optimize bandwidth management;
  • automatic selection of queuing algorithm, depending on link capacity;
  • blocking traffic from addresses without assigned bandwidth;
  • traffic statistics for every entry in Traffic Manager board.
  • static ARP based on DHCP settings;
  • advanced firewall with NAT;
  • traffic blocking for unauthorized IP addresses;
  • traffic blocking for selected ranges of ports;
  • P2P blocking;
  • blocking Windows Network Neighborhood;
  • blocking typical ports used by viruses and trojans;
  • blocking incoming traffic to LAN;
  • traffic blocking except for WWW and email;
  • port forwarding;
  • DMZ function (forwarding all ports to a chosen network address);
  • possibility of using static ARP, which combined with MAC/IP management lowers the risk of network abuse.
  • 10 pre-configured settings for typical applications, ensuring proper addressing, DHCP and Traffic Manager mechanisms etc.;
  • management via WWW, FTP, SSH or Telnet;
  • possibility of centralized configuration management via FTP, Telnet, SSH;
  • creating specific rules of QoS, NAT, firewall, routing;
  • possibility of installing additional software in /usr/local folder;
  • saving configuration, system files, and additional scripts in flash memory.
General management
  • cooperation with monitoring and statistics tools based on SNMP protocol (e.g. Dude MT);
  • extended status information: Active Clients, DHCP Clients, Connection Tracking;
  • Site Survey;
  • general statistics of traffic saved in Flash - access to archived data.

NameWISP Access Point APPro 2405 2.4GHz
StandardsIEEE 802.11b/g
Frequency range
2400 - 2483 MHz
CPURealTek RTL8186/RTL8225
Tx output powerRegion EU: CCK: do 20 dBm, OFDM: do 20 dBm, Region SA CCK: 24dBm, OFDM: do 26 dBM
Sensitivity-85 dBm
Transmission speed
up to 54 Mbps (without Turbo mode)
Modes of workAP, AP + WDS, AP+ Repeater, AdHoc Station, APC Infrastructure Client, P2P Bridge, Bridge Slave, Bridge Master, WDS Bridge Client, MT Client
Built-in security features
WEP 64/128 bit, WPA/TKIP, WPA/AES, WPA2/AES, WPA2/Mixed, ACL list, Static ARP, Firewall (NETBIOS filtering, traffic blocking except for WWW and email, filtering ports attacked by viruses and trojans, P2P filtering, filtering incoming traffic, MAC/IP management, SSID hiding, IBSS blocking, PPPoE Client/Relay
Antennasdetached 2 dBi, built-in 2 dBi
Antenna connectorSMA/RP
LAN/WAN ports - specification10/100 Mbit FD, Auto MDI/MDX
Number of LAN/WAN ports
1×WAN, 4×LAN
LED indicators
Power, CPU, WLAN, WAN, LAN1-4
Managing interface
Operating temperature0...50oC
Operating humidity up to 90% (no condensation)
Dimensions68×104×29 mm
Power9 VDC, 800 mA (AC/DC adapter incl.), Power over Ethernet
ContentsAPPro 2405, Ethernet patch cable, omnidirectional 2 dBi antenna, AC/DC adapter, quick user manual

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Access Point with WISP: APPro 2405 (2.4 GHz)
Kód zboží: N2802