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Dálkově ovládaný spínač ROPAM IO-IQPLC
Kód zboží: G7180
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Dálkově ovládaný spínač ROPAM IO-IQPLC
The IO-IQPLC remotely controlled switches have been designed for use in home/building automation systems based on OptimaGSM alarm control panels. The IO-IQPLC switches are very small and can be mounted in electrical boxes, under AC outlets. The local control can be performed by a push-button or one-pole switch, and the remote control is executed by LogicProcessor of the OptimaGSM control panel, via the existing electrical wiring. Such a solution allows for easy introduction of intelligent home/building functions. The device necessary for integration of the switches with the alarm panel is the SmartPLC network hub ROPAM Hub-IQPLC-D4M G7170. The device communicates with the control panel via RopamNET bus, and with the switches via the 230 VAC power network, using SmartPLC technology. The SmartPLC technology opens up new possibilities, allowing for easy deployment of alarm systems integrated with building automation systems and for control of electrical devices (lighting, any appliances connected to electrical outlets) using the existing electrical wiring as the communications bus. The Hub-IQPLC hub can control up to 8 switches.
  • locally and remotely controlled switch/relay (to control AC outlet),
  • NO (C/NO), potential-free contacts, 10 A / 250 VAC,
  • two-state ON/OFF input, N/L potential, for local control by a 230 VAC push-button or single-pole switch
  • local control (see item above) or remote control by the OptimaGSM system (LogicProcessor argument),
  • ++communication with Hub-IQPLC SmartPLC network hub via the 230 VAC power network+++,
  • compatibility with any 230 VAC push button or switch and any AC outlet,
  • small size, mountable in any Ø60 flush-mount electrical outlet box (deep version).
  • 24 months with possibility of extension for another 24 months.
The conditions for the extension are provided in the included warranty card.
PlatformOptimaGSM, Hub-IQPLC-D4M
Communications bus 
 230 VAC power network
in Ø60 electrical outlet box (deep version)
Power230 VAC (50Hz)
Dimensions [mm]
Ø50, h=30
Weight0.075 kg


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Dálkově ovládaný spínač ROPAM IO-IQPLC
Kód zboží: G7180