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DIPOL na veletrhu SAT KRAK 2-3.10.2014
Od 2 do 03. října, bude Galaxy Hotel v Krakově hostit Sat Krak 2014 veletrh - největší akci svého druhu v Polsku, shromažďování představitelé průmyslu, digitální televize a dalších médií. V letošním roce, hosté budou mít možnost vidět nové produkty, stejně jako naučit se názory odborníků v oboru o budoucnosti digitálního rádia (DAB +) a televize (DVB-T).
Víme vše o HDMI!
V reakci na rostoucí počet dotazů a obrovský zájem o přenos HDMI signálu, a to jak v domácnosti a komerčních systémů a přes různé vzdálenosti, DIPOL připravil celou řadu řešení a široký sortiment výrobků. Tyto produkty mohou být použity v domech, rodinných domech, klubů, hospod, restaurací, nemocnic, nákupních center, obchodů s elektronikou, a dokonce i na výletních lodích.
 SolutionMax. distanceTopology
HDMI cables
30 mPoint - Point
HDMI repeaters 45 mPoint - Point
Transmission via UTP/FTP
50-60 mPoint - Point
Conversion to IP100 m
(+ optional switches)
Point - Point
Point - Multipoint
Modulators - conversion to DVB-T300 m
(+ optional RF amplifiers)
Point - Point
Point - Multipoint
Fiber-optic transmission
20 kmPoint - Point
The Signal HD H3606 HDMI to IP converter has been proposed for the Sat Kurier Awards contest in the "Best Accessories" category.
FTTH - you can design and install it with DIPOL!
The popularity of fiber-optic systems in buildings is increasing every month. This trend, very important for the new quality of services, has to be noticed by installation companies that so far dealt only with copper cabling. To help them, DIPOL has prepared a complete product range, along with information and multimedia materials that will help any installer to make start in FTTH installations.

We will advise both on design and implementation issues.
We are especially inviting beginners in this field.

After many years of the presence of optical fibers in the telecommunications market, it's about time they got settled in houses and apartments. It is forced by the rate of technological progress of consumer electronics that increasingly offers its services on the basis of network connections and online applications.
During the fair, visitors will be able to familiarize themselves with designing rules and selection of equipment for building installations based on easy access cables. Installations of this type will soon be found in every new residential building.
Watch our instructional videos!
Professional multiswitch systems - TERRA
At the fair there will be, of course, what is most important for installers of SMATV systems - professional TERRA devices.
TERRA products dedicated for shared antenna systems are first-class equipment with a four-year warranty. SMATV distribution networks based on these devices ensure reliable operation for a long time. The distinguish features of TERRA multiswitch systems include:
  • no limitations on the number of outlets
  • cast metal housings ensure high shielding effectiveness (immunity to interference)
  • high isolation between inputs and between outputs (inadequate isolation in cheaper devices is the main reason of problems in SMATV systems)
  • switches for adjustments of signal levels and cable attenuation compensation provide superior time and temperature stability compared to traditional potentiometers
  • cable attenuation compensation and groups of outputs with different output levels allow for equalization of signal levels in outlets located at different distances from the multiswitches
  • multipath splitters located in compact housings take less space and improve design and installation of cabling (compared to traditional solutions)
  • switching circuits powered from subscriber receivers are more reliable and energy-efficient
  • a number of power supplying options for active system components – systems with even hundreds of outlets can be powered from a single 230 VAC power outlet
  • free SatNet software for designing SMATV systems
  • free pdf/dwg files for designers (AutoCad)
Free TERRA SatNet software enables installers to design SMATV systems based on the equipment manufactured by the company. The projects are generated in graphical form, with signal levels calculated for all outlets plus compliance verification to the current standards. In the case of inadequate signal parameters, the application suggests to use equalization functions of the amplifiers. The program enables the users to archive the designs.

The family of TERRA devices can be used to build very large SMATV systems (even up to 1000 outlets), with different options, both with centralized and decentralized power supply.
We will also provide information on courses for Polish design offices and installation companies.