DS-KD8003-IME2 1-tlačítkový modul 2-žilového interkomu s kamerou

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DS-KD8003-IME2 is the main module of 2nd generation Hikvision gate/door station, dedicated for work in Hikvision 2-Wire IP video intercom systems. The systems allow power supply and two-way communication using only two wires.
The main unit is equipped with a fisheye camera with a resolution of 2 MP (1920 x 1080) and a wide viewing angle of 180° (horizontal plane). The module has a built-in speaker and microphone for voice communication, and a call button along with name tag. Built-in 2 relays allow for control of a door or entrance gate (the second relay is off by default and is not visible in the system, it must be activated using the iVMS-4200 (v3) application). The built-in IR illuminator ensures good visibility in the event of low lighting.
Remote viewing and opening the door/gate are possible using the Hik-Connect mobile application (via the dedicated monitor that is necessary in the system). The DS-KD8003-IME2 is the main module of the door station enabling further expansion to up to 8 modules and their power supply via the RS485 port. The main module can be supplied with 12 VDC or 24 VDC (2-Wire) .
Key features:
  • color fisheye camera: 2 MP (180° (H) / 96° (V)),
  • built-in microphone and speaker,
  • built-in IR illuminator,
  • 2 relay outputs (30 V, 1 A),
  • built-in LED-backlit name tag with button,
  • 4 alarm inputs,
  • video enhancement functions: BLC, DNR, WRD,
  • compatibility with DS-KD-XXX frames,
  • extension possibility to up to 8 modules,
  • supports up to 100 external stations,
  • remote control and management with Hik-Connect app (via monitor station),
  • configuration with iVMS-4200 (v3),
  • 2-Wire communication bus,
  • power: 12 VDC or 24 VDC (2-Wire),
  • power supply and communication using G74823 DA-KAD70 - DC 24 V,
  • functionality of 2nd generation IP video door system.
The current version of the software is available
The device is compatible with the 2-Wire system
which does not have in its designation name the letter "Y"
2-Wire system
There is often a need to replace the existing intercom (video) system with a newer one, offering greater functionality and quality. This type of modernization may require replacement of the cabling, e.g. with twisted pair cables for IP systems. The Hikvision video intercom working in 2-Wire standard offers all the possibilities of an IP system. The construction of a small system consists in connecting the main unit (door station) to the G74823 DS-KAD706 distributor and monitor(s) by means of the 2-Wire bus. The 2-Wire bus allows for both powering the devices and establishing communication. The G74823 DS-KAD706 distributor also enables further expansion and connection of the system to a LAN.
Hikvision 2-wire video intercom
Second generation 2-wire Hikvision IP video intercom systems are characterized by aesthetic appearance and high functionality. The door station has a modular structure which means that its elements can be selected depending on the installation requirements. It always includes a main module which enables powering of other necessary modules and optional expansion modules (max. 8). Both the main module of IP video intercom G73652 DS-KD8003-IME1/EU and the main module G73644 DS-KD8003-IME2 of 2-wire system allow for further extension with the use of respective expansion modules.
  • DS-KD8003-IME1/EU G73652 - main module of IP video intercom,
  • DS-KD8003-IME2 G73644 - main module of 2-Wire system,
  • DS-KD-E G73660 - card reader module (EM 125 kHz),
  • DS-KD-M G73662 - card reader module (Mifare 13.56 MHz),
  • DS-KD-IN G73664 - indicator module,
  • DS-KD-KK G73666 - name tag module with 6 buttons,
  • DS-KD-KP G73668 - numerical keypad module,
  • DS-KD-DIS G73670 - display module,
  • DS-KD-BK - blank module.
The door/gate station can be expanded with the use of flush or surface frames for embedding 1, 2 or 3 module(s) – (DS-KD-XXX), which allows for easy extension of the system depending on the requirements.
System configuration and management
The configuration of the IP video door system can be performed with the use of the iVMS 4200 (v3) client software. The iVMS 4200 client software enables users of HIKVISION devices, such as IP DVRs/NVRs, TurboHD DVRs, video door systems to manage them in IP networks. The software allows for remote configuration and management of the devices. In the case of operating video intercom systems, it is possible to open doors remotely, record the video from the camera, take snapshots, make voice calls to the subscriber monitor(s). The application can also send text notifications with snapshots to the subscriber(s). Any information can be transferred easily and quickly, for example the user of the door station can directly call the monitoring center (iVMS-4200) and establish connection with the security staff.
Login page of the iVMS-4200 (v3) client software

Access via mobile devices
Hik-Connect is a mobile application, intended for smartphones running Android or iOS operating systems. It can be used for remote live viewing of images from Hikvision DVRs, NVRs, IP cameras, video door systems, via Wi-Fi, 2G or 3G/4G networks, and for playing back recorded video files.
In the case of video intercoms, the application also allows the user for remote opening of the electric strike(s), receiving notifications and connecting with the caller by the door station despite the absence in the apartment. The application connects with the devices by IP addresses and/or through the P2P cloud. Hik-Connect is also a network service for Hikvison devices. The service is based on data processing in the cloud and allows access to devices without having an external IP address and when simplicity is the most important thing. Only the basic configuration of the network is required.


Model DS-KD8003-IME2
Brand Hikvision
Typ zboží Video intercom door/gate station
System 2-wire modular
Product generation II
Installation Surface-mounted, flush-mounted
Metal, plastic
Barva Black
Number of subscribers 1
Color camera resolution MP 2
Max. stream resolution main px 1920 × 1080
secondary px 704 × 576
Viewing angles horizontal ° 180
° 96
Video compression H.264
Motion detection Yes
Range of IR illuminator m 3
Other image parameters BLC, DNR, WDR
Flicker reduction MHz 50, 60
Max. number of tags when reader is connected pcs. 10000
Built-in speaker/microphone Yes
Two-way audio Yes
Audio compression G.711U
Audio bitrate kbps 64
Audio quality Echo and noise cancellation
Relay outputs 2 (NO/NC)
Alarm inputs 4
Tamper contact 1
Network interface 2-Wire
Other interfaces Debug port, RS-485
Protokoly TCP/IP, RTSP
Power supply DC V 24 (2-Wire)
Max. power consumption W 16
Protection rating IP65
Provozní teplota °C -40...60
Humidity 10...95
Rozměry mm 98 × 100 × 44
Weight kg