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The HARTTE XS12U XS-series electric door strike is used for remote opening of metallic, wooden and plastic doors or wickets. It can be used with access control systems, intercoms, card readers, etc. Electric strikes from the XS series, thanks to their narrow and symmetrical structure, compact size and radial shape of the strike, are perfect for installation in narrow profiles and door frames. The strike adjustment in the range of 3.5 mm enables correct positioning of the door lock latch. HARTTE electric door strikes come with ZnA galvanized fasteners, so they are suitable for both, indoor and outdoor applications. The above model can be powered with 12 VDC AC/DC.


Model XS12U
Typ zboží Electric door strike
Symmetrical design
Hartte XS
Brand Bira
Operating mode NC (normally closed)
Power supply type AC/DC
Power supply AC/DC V 10 – 14
AC/DC mA 480/680
Mechanical strength Pressure N 3000 (300 kg)
Opening cycles 200000
Applications (door type) Right and left
Strike type ZnAl
Adjustable jaw Yes
Adjustment range mm
Radial strike shape Yes
Compliance PN-EN 14846
Rozměry mm 16 × 67 × 28
Weight kg