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Kalkulátor optiky

Fiber-optic patch cord calculator
In our e-Store we sell tens of ready-to-use patch cords. However, we realize that the offer cannot satisfy the needs of each customer.
So, we have created a special tool - a calculator that allows customers to design patch cords tailored to their needs, calculate their prices, and send the orders.
In the first stage, the customer should select:
  • the type of the cable (single- or multi-mode),
  • working environment (indoor, outdoor or universal cable),
  • class of the fiber.
The tool will show:
  • the list of ready-to-use patch cords that fulfill the requirements and are offered in e-Store (if some exist) - they can be added to the Cart,
  • the list of patch cords that fulfill the requirements and can be made to order.
In the latter case, to calculate the price for a selected patch cord, the user should click on the "Calculate the price" link.
Other parameters needed for the calculation:
  • The number of terminated fibers,
  • One side (A) connector type,
  • The other side (B) connector type,
  • Cable length,
  • Connector layout (evenly/in cascade),
  • Optional protection with corrugated pipe,
  • Additional requirements (can be entered in the text field).
After giving all the required parameters, the tool will calculate the price of the patch cord, in accordance with the discount level of the log-in customer.
By default, the calculation applies to one piece, the number of identical patch cords can be changed by the customer, according to the needs.
When one needs a pigtail instead of a patch cord (i.e. with connector(s) only on one side), it is enough to select "No" option for the B side of the cable. It will be taken into account in the calculation.
After making sure that all the parameters are correct, the customer should click the "Add" link. This will save the selected configuration of the patch cord and put it on the order list.
The list can be extended with other required patch cords
The total price of all patch cords on the list takes into account additional discount that depends on the value of the order. The discount begins above 500 PLN net. If the total value is below 200 PLN, we add additional cost of 20% of the value.
For a trade offer, the order list should be sent to the DIPOL's Sales Department (by clicking on the suitable link).
Every patch cord made to order is delivered with a certificate with the measured total attenuation.