GSM Amplifier/Repeater: Signal GDW-505 (EGSM, GSM, DCS, WCDMA, LTE) (bez zdroje)

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The Signal GDW-505 repeater amplifies GSM/3G/LTE signals inside buildings. The indoor coverage area is up to 500 sqm
• Operating band: GSM, LTE, DCS, 3G
• Gain: 60/65 dB
• Max. output power: 15 dBm
• Indoor coverage area up to 500 sqm
• Automatic gain/level control (AGC/ALC)
• Manual gain control (MGC)
• Meets the requirements of ETSI 303 609-4
• Easy installation (Plug and Play)
• Device status display


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The unit comes with a two-year warranty.
The Signal GDW-505 GDW-505 A6777 repeater amplifies EGSM,GSM,DCS, WCDMA, LTE signals inside buildings. The device is ideal for locations where the range of a cellular network allows for use of mobile phones out of buildings, but is insufficient for indoor operation. An example may be a place located far from the transmitter or a building with thick walls, cellars (coffee shops) or modern windows with panes of covered with metallic compounds.
The GDW-505 repeater is a consumer device that amplifies the full range of GSM/EGSM/DCS/WCDMA signals (LTE in the 900, 1800, 2100 MHz band), meets the requirements of the RED Directive 2014/53/EU and the ETSI standards 303 609. The device has a CE declaration.
The N93322 power supply has to be purchased extra to use the device.

  • Device dedicated to telephones/modems (EGSM,GSM,DCS, WCDMA (3G), LTE) operating in the 880-915, 925-960 (EGSM+ GSM); 1710-1785, 1805-1880 (DCS), 1920-1980, 2110-2170 MHz (WCDMA) band,
  • Amplifies LTE signal in the band 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz.
  • The device meets the ETSI 303 609 standard required for this type of devices,
  • AGC – Automatic gain control,
  • ALC – Automatic signal level control,
  • MGC – Manual gain control,
  • Display showing the received signal strength and the device operating status,
  • Signal amplification appropriate to the declared range,
  • Indoor coverage area up to 500 m2,
  • Easy installation (Plug and Play),
  • No external antenna is included, the user has to choose one depending on the signal level A741031 suggested).
  • The product comes with a 24 month warranty.
Contents of the set:
  • repeater,
  • wall plugs and bolt,
  • manual
This product can solve the problem of low GSM/3G/LTE signal in hotels, boardinghouses, and various buildings, allowing to use cellular phones for calls and Internet access.

AGC function. Automatic gain controls the gain up to 20 dBm, which means that if the signal at the input of the device is too high, an appropriate mechanism will "suppress" it.
Controlled gain: This function allows you to manually set the signal strength at the output to adjust it to the value allowed by the repeater.
Installation of the Signal GDW-505 A6777 repeater:
  • find a place outside the building where we the GSM signal is received,
  • mount the outdoor antenna (A741031) so that it faces the GSM base station,
  • choose a location for installing the repeater somewhere inside the building to place the indoor antenna in the central part of the building/hall/room to be covered,
  • check if the distance between the outdoor and indoor antennas is at least 10 m,
  • install the GDW-505 repeater away from heat sources, ensuring proper device cooling,
  • check the cables for proper connection to the antenna and the amplifier
  • (external and internal antenna sockets are marked respectively),
  • plug the power supply into the 230 VAC socket
The Signal GDW-505 A6777 repeater connects to both, the external and internal antenna with cables, so it is easy to choose an installation location where 230 VAC is required.

The diagram below shows the correct installation of the repeater in a single-family house.


Název Repeater SIGNAL GDW-505
Typ zboží Repeater GSM, DCS, 3G, LTE
Výrobce SIGNAL
Operating band MHz 880-915, 925-960 (GSM+EGSM), 1710-1785, 1805-1880 (DCS), 1920-1980, 2110-2170 (3G)
Oblast pokrytí m2 500
Maximální výstupní výkon dBm 15
Gain uplink dB 60
downlink dB 65
Maximální zpoždění μs +/-0.5
AGC (automatické řízení zesílení) built-in Yes
rozsah dB 20
ALC (automatická regulace úrovně) built-in Yes
MGC (manuální řízení zisku) built-in Yes
rozsah dB 0...31
Impedance Ω 50
Display Yes
Vestavěný měřák úrovně signálu Yes
Konektory antén Externí anténa N-slot
Vnitřní anténa N-slot
Funkce hardwaru
Power supply VDC 12
Certificates CE (ETSI 303 609)
Rozměry mm 350 × 200 × 60