Home Junction Box OMT-30N (300x350x100)

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Surface mounted junction box, for installation in any apartment in a multi-family building, compliant with applicable regulations. The box brings together all telecommunications cables from the utility area and sockets from the apartment.
The size of the box is sufficient for connecting home low-voltage and optical systems using the internal panel and for placing passive components such as TV/SAT splitters etc. The box also offers a place for spare lengths of cables and for active devices such as Ethernet switch.
The devices can be quickly and easily mounted on the rear wall of the box - the holes in the wall can be used for threading ties and Velcro straps through to fix the equipment, as well as for mounting screws.
The panel has 8 holes for Keystone connectors, 8 holes for F connectors, and 2 openings for fiber-optic adapters. There is space for spare cable lengths.
  • width x height x depth: 300x350x100
  • material: galvanized steel sheet, powder coated - outdoor finishing,
  • locking: single-point lock (two keys included),
  • mounting panel,
  • cable openings


Název Home Junction Box OMT-30N (300 × 350 × 100)
Typ zboží Home junction box
type OMT-30N
Brand OMT
Aplikace indoor
Mounting type Surface-mounted
Mounting plate Built-in Yes
Material Aluminium
Coupler panel Keystone hole pcs. 8
F slot pcs. 8
light adapter hole pcs. 2
Rozměry Šířka mm 300
Výška mm 350
Hloubka mm 100
Material Galvanized steel sheet
Design Barva White
Rear wall Material Aluminium
Lock type drum
number of keys pcs. 2
Holes for cables Recesses in the bottom wall, Penetrations in the rear wall
Weight kg 3,,5