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IR iluminátor: Redbeam IRD120 (180 stupňů)
Kód zboží: M1643
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IR iluminátor: Redbeam IRD120 (180 stupňů)
Gold Medal of Securex for Redbeam IR illuminators
Redbeam IRD120 je moderní IR iluminátor konstruovaný pro vnitřní aplikaci. Jeho IR LED matrice poskytuje IR světelný paprsek o vlnové délce 850 nm s šířkou úhlu paprsku 180o, který pokrývá oblast až 120 m2.
Popis vlastností:
  • IR LED matrice
  • Výstupní výkon: 3000 mW
  • Maximální pokrytí oblasti: 120 m2
  • Operační úhel: 180o
  • Vnitřní aluminiový obal
IR illuminators of Redbeam series are modern devices for providing homogeneous IR light in the monitored area in order to enable CCTV cameras to capture images in low-light or no-light environments. The advantage of the series is application of specially designed LED matrix (instead of a conventional set of diodes) which, together with optical lens/es, ensures desired operational angle and distance.
The IR illuminators of the series, cooperating with day/night cameras, make perfect sets for night surveillance. Their twilight sensors in combination with high-efficiency IR LEDs provide very good results, with relatively low power consumption.
A typical IR LED provides output power between 5 mW and 15 mW, so, even in the case of short operational distance, an IR illuminator has to employ at least several such diodes. The Redbeam IRD120 illuminator provides 1800 mW. This means a much larger coverage capacity, in spite of the small size of the device.
Comparison of IR illuminators with similar output power
Another advantage of the matrices is the lifetime of the materials used. Standard heavy-duty IR diodes operate around 6000 hours. In the case of the matrices, the expected lifetime is about 50000 hours. It means that they can work for over 10 years (12/24 cycle)!
The casing is made of aluminum (black finish). To prevent overheating, the body is formed as a radiator. For optimal results, the illuminator should be mounted on the ceiling in the middle of a room.
We also offer IR illuminator with coverage area up to 60 m2 - M1642.
There are available cameras with pre-mounted other illuminator/s (M1632): M1130 (one illuminator), M1131 (two illuminators).
The benefits of Redbeam IR illuminators are more thoroughly discussed in article
Directional radiation characteristics of the IRD120 illuminator (vertical plane)
Output power [mW]3000
Wavelength [nm]850
Angle beam width [°]180
Supplying voltage [V]12 (DC), 24 (AC)
Power consumption [W]7.2
Operating temperature [°C]-20...+50
Dimensions [mm]134 x 103
Weight [kg]0.4
An office room
with area of 60 m2
at night, illuminated only by
IRD120 M1643

Redbeam - IR illuminators
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IR iluminátor: Redbeam IRD120 (180 stupňů)
Kód zboží: M1643