Konektory modulární 8p8c (RJ-45) kat. 6 drát, typ EZ (100 ks.)

Kód zboží: J2013_100
255,55 Kč
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Záruka - 3 roky.

Podrobný popis

Male RJ45 connector (8P8C) category 6 for UTP/FTP cables (with solid wires), used for computer network cables. The EZ construction allows the installer to insert the wires through the connector, which makes the installation process easier and quicker. The crimping and cutting operations should be performed with the dedicated E7911 tool.
The plug is equipped with an elastic latch that prevents it from sliding out of the socket. Individual contacts have sharp, slightly spaced prongs, sticking directly into the insulation of individual wires, ensuring a reliable and durable connection.


Název 8P8C EZ modular plug (Rj-45), cat. 6 wire, EZ type
Typ zboží Telecommunications connector
Number in package 100
connector type RJ-45
typ kabelu Twisted pair
Category 6
Dedicated cable U/UTP
Shielding No
Connection type Crimped
Mounting to housing No
Connector type EZ (straight through)
Crimping tool required Yes