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Multiband Amplifier Terra ma400 (FM/VHF/UHF)
Kód zboží: R82520
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2011,13 Kč2433,47 Kč0 %
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Multiband Amplifier Terra ma400 (FM/VHF/UHF)
Multiband Amplifier Terra ma400 (FM/VHF/UHF)
Multiband Amplifier Terra ma400 (FM/VHF/UHF)
Views of the amplifier
Multiband Amplifier Terra ma400 (FM/VHF/UHF)
View of the included accessories: wall mount (wall installation option)
and screwdriver for adjusting potentiometers
Distinguishing features
  • Three independent paths (FM, VHF&DAB, UHF)
    • 3 separate inputs,
    • individual gain adjustment in each path: -15...0 dB,
    • individual attenuator in each path: -10/0 dB,
    • each path has preamplifier power option: 12 VDC, 0.1 A max,
  • Max gain: 30 dB,
  • Max output level IMD3: VHF 116 dBuV; UHF 118 dBuV,
  • DIN rail mountable, also in 19" RACK cabinets.
Terra ma420 R82520 is a top class amplifier of FM, VHF, and UHF signals. The output signals can then be distributed in large MATV systems - in multifamily buildings, hotels, public buildings, etc. Its high gain (30 dB) and maximum output level of 118 dBuV allow for building very large systems.
The device has been designed for cooperation with at420 R82510 channel amplifiers and mt420 R82515 modulators.
Each path is equipped with a dedicated potentiometer for smooth gain reduction. Additionally, the output level of the signals in any of the three bands can be instantly reduced by 10 dB with an appropriate switch.
The amplifier can be powered with a 12 VDC power supply with minimum current capacity of 0.48 A (for one unit). In the case of a greater number of the units, the best choice is the dedicated power supply DR-60-12 R82532. The ma400 amplifier has the ability to power masthead preamplifiers (12 VDC, in each path, with total current consumption up to 100 mA).
The unit can be installed on a wall (with the wall mount), or placed on universal DIN rail R82538 in a 19" RACK cabinet.
The complete Terra solution for MATV (shared antenna) systems includes a range of components that can be selected according to the current needs and requirements of customers:
  • R82510 - at420 - twin channel amplifier
  • R82515 - mt420 - twin VSB TV modulator
  • R82520 - ma400 - high-level multiband amplifier (FM/VHFIII/UHF)
  • R82532 - DR-60-12 - DIN rail power supply capable of powering up to 8 system devices
  • R82536 - 699.20 - DC distribution cable for 4 modules
  • R82538 - universal DIN rail mounting bracket matching 19-inch RACK cabinets for up to 8 system devices and power supply
  • R82540 - 699.026 - F-F coaxial bridge for signal links between adjacent modules
An example set of the amplifiers and modulators for a MATV system. For maximum system stability,
the number of modules on each side of the power supply should not exceed 4 units.
Gain [dB]FM (88-108 MHz)30
VHFIII (174-260 MHz)30
UHF (470-862 MHz)30
Number of inputs
Noise figure [dB]VHF < 7; UHF < 5
Maximum output level IMD3 [dBμV]VHF 116; UHF 118
 Gain adj. (each path) [dB]potentiometer
Return loss [dB]> 10
Power for masthead preamplifiers 12 V / 0.1A max
Supplying voltage [VDC]12
Current consumption [A]0.48
Operating temperature [ºC]0...+50
Dimensions [mm]198x107.5x36
Weight [kg]0.9
Cena bez DPHCena s DPHSlevaplatnost  
2011,13 Kč2433,47 Kč0 %
Multiband Amplifier Terra ma400 (FM/VHF/UHF)
Kód zboží: R82520