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Multiswitch Terra MSV-916 (9-in, 16-out) bez napájení
Kód zboží: R70866
Cena bez DPHCena s DPHSlevaplatnost  
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Záruka 4 roky
Terra MSV-912L - Multiswitch 9/12 bez zdroje
Terra MSV-912L - Multiswitch 9/12 bez zdroje
Terra multiswitches of MV series have been designed for medium and large 9-cable SMATV systems, also in multi-staircase buildings (with division into subnetworks).

Distinguishing features
  • 9/16 multiswitch for systems with radial topology
  • Built-in cable loss correction
  • Groups of outputs with different output levels
  • Isolation between inputs better than 30 dB
  • Powering of optional terrestrial TV preamplifier
  • Active terrestrial TV path with LTE filter (47-790 MHz)
  • Passive terrestrial TV path (5-862 MHz)
  • Die-cast housing guarantying high screening efficiency
The MV-916L R70866 multiswitch has built-in amplifiers for terrestrial and satellite TV. The adjustment of the SAT IF and DVB-T (47-790 MHz) gain is made with dedicated switches. In comparison with potentiometers, this solution increases stability of the adjustments.
The DVB-T path has LTE filter for eliminating unwanted signals in 800 MHz band (791-862 MHz) coming from LTE services.
The die-cast housing provides high screening efficiency by preventing the penetration of interfering signals to the unit. High output levels and built-in compensation of the increased loss of signals at higher frequencies in the distribution cables allow for building large SMATV systems with subscriber lines up to 80 meters.
The multiswitch can be powered via "H" lines from SA-901 R70901 amplifier or from local power supply R71465. Each of the power sources can feed a number of multiswitches (one multiswitch consumes max 100 mA).
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  R70858R70862 R70866
Name MV-908L MV-912L MV-916L
Number of inputs
Number of outputs
Operating bands [MHz]SAT950 - 2400
DVB-T/Radio47 - 790
Gain (incl. compensation of cable loss) [dB]SAToutputs 1-163...8
DVB-T/Radiooutputs 1-84...7
outputs 9-12 3...5
outputs 13-16 2...3
Gain adjustment [dB]SAT12 (step 4)
DVB-T/Radio15 (step 1)
Max. level of SAT signal (IMD3=35dB)* [dBμV]93
Max. level of DVB-T signal (IMD3=60dB)* [dBμV]outputs 1-885
outputs 9-12 83
outputs 13-16 83
Isolation between SAT inputs [dB]> 30
Isolation between outputs [dB] SAT> 30
 DVB-T> 30
Current consumption from a subscriber's receiver input [mA]< 60
Supply voltage and power consumption12 V ... 18 V ; <160 mA at 18 V
Control signals
14/18 V, 0/22 kHz, tone burst
or DiSEqC 1.0, DiSEqC 2.0
DC pass through "AUX 18 V"18 V 1 A max.
Operating temperature range [ºC]-20...+50
Dimensions [mm]187x135x30227x135x30267x135x30
Weight [kg]
* two carriers, DIN45004B
Cena bez DPHCena s DPHSlevaplatnost  
7262,31 Kč8787,40 Kč0 %
Multiswitch Terra MSV-916 (9-in, 16-out) bez napájení
Kód zboží: R70866