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Outdoor DVB-T Antenna Amplifier: Terra AB001 (5VDC)
Kód zboží: R82001
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Terra AB001 R82001 amplifier is dedicated for outdoor applications in individual antenna installations and small MATV systems (with up to a dozen sockets). Moderate 12 dB gain throughout the whole UHF band (470-862 MHz) practically eliminates the risk of overdriving. The maximum output level of 106 dBuV (IMD3=60 dB, DIN45004B) enables distribution of the amplified signal to over ten antenna sockets. The amplifier features very low noise level below 3 dB.
View of the amplifier
View of the housing
An important feature of the R82001 amplifier is low power consumption (0.15 W) thanks to dedicated power circuit (5 VDC, compatibility with DVB-T standard - EN 300 744).
The 5 VDC voltage is available in the antenna input of DVB-T receivers, e.g. A99410. Application of the AB001 amplifier instead of a standard amplifier powered with 12 VDC allows to avoid an additional power supply.
Distinguishing features:
  • power: 5 V, 30 mA
  • gain: 12 dB (47-862 MHz)
  • two amplification stages to minimize noise level
  • small size cast metal case put into compact size plastic housing
Operating band [MHz]470-862
Gain [dB]12
Noise figure [dB]< 3
Maximum output level IMD3=60dB [dBuV]106
Return loss [dB]> 10
Power ([VDC]/[mA])5/30
Operating temperature [°C]-20...+50
Dimensions / weight ([mm]/[kg])89x107x43 / 0.18
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Outdoor DVB-T Antenna Amplifier: Terra AB001 (5VDC)
Kód zboží: R82001