Profesionální F-female k F-female adaptéru: PCT-81-F-DFG
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Kód zboží: E80380
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This top-class F-female to F-female adapter from Gold Series allows to splice coaxial cables in the most professional way.


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This F-female to F-female adapter employs unique DSM mechanism of contact with cable core. Highest quality standards are guaranteed by the well known PCT company. The connector has been tested by PHENIX COMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES GILBERT, ARIZONA USA.
The product is compliant with SCETE requirements.
Charakteristické vlastnosti
  • SCETE compliance
  • very low loss
  • perfect matching
  • precise thread
  • high corrosion resistance
  • unique and patented contact with cable core (DSM mechanizm)


Typ zboží Transition of connectors
connector type F
Typ konektoru 1 F-socket
Typ konektoru 2 F-socket
Impedance Ω 75
Frequency range MHz 5...2400