Single-stream module: CAM CONAX SMIT A9950

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Single-stream module: CAM CONAX SMIT A9950
Universal, single-stream CAM CI module. The module can support cards in the CONAX coding system.
The CAM module can be used with receivers equipped with a DVB-CI interface (TV, tuner or a headend). It has been tested in many receiver models from European, Middle East, Australian and Asian manufacturers. With a decoding card with active authorization inserted, the module enables access to encrypted digital television programs.
  • compatible with DVB-CI (EN50221) standard
  • compatible with ETR289 standard
  • compatible with ISO7816 T = 0 protocol, Class A and Class B
  • compatible with RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC as amended
  • compatible with the European coding algorithm CSA
The seller accepts no responsibility for changes to the system, cards or other parameters related to the activities of operators.


Typ zboží CAM module
Výrobce SMIT
Kódovací systém CONAX