Širokopásmová TV Anténa (logaritmicko - periodická ) - LOG 2-65

Kód zboží: A4015
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Logarithmic-periodic antenna for channels 2-5, 6-12 and 21-60, packed in foil. Aluminum parts, electro-galvanized steel structural components.


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Antenna suitable for DVB-T/T2 signal reception
Logarithmic-periodic antenna dedicated for digital terrestrial television. The main features of the antenna include the ease of installation, the gain practically identical in the whole UHF band, and 75 ohm output impedance (no need for a balun).
The antenna has been designed by experts from the Department of Electronics in the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. The number of antenna elements, their shape and sizes have been optimized using specialized software to provide the required performance. The dual band antenna is smaller than typical broadband solutions.
The A4015 antennas are mostly used in urban areas, mounted on roofs, balconies, or wall brackets. They can be applied in the case of any combination of the polarizations of the DVB-T/T2 signals broadcast in VHF and UHF bands.
Radiators made of hardened aluminum alloy have diameter of 3.92 mm. The longest radiator can withstand permanent load equivalent to the weight of 0.8 kg placed on any of its two ends. For comparison, a pigeon weights no more than 0.4 kg.

Gain characteristics in H/H and H/V configurations


Typ antény TV DVB-T/T2
Název LOG 5-12/21-60
Výrobce DIPOL
Typ antény RTV Directional, UHF+VHF "combo", Multiband
General data
Rozměry mm 725 × 913 × 40
Weight kg
Balení type Karton
Technické specifikace
Impedance Ω 75
Balun No
Operating band VHF+UHF
Frequency range MHz 174 – 230, 470 – 790
Channels 5 – 12 + 21 – 60
Kanály 5 – 12
Zisk max. dBi 8
Poměr poloměru přední a zadní části dB 20 – 30
Polarizace VHF H/V
Poměr stojatých vln < 1.7
Kanály 21 – 60
Zisk max. dBi 9
Poměr poloměru přední a zadní části dB 20 – 30
Polarization H
Poměr stojatých vln < 1.7
Built-in amplifier No
Maximální průměr stožáru/trubky mm 40