SMA-f konektor CRIMP na kabel H-155 - zlatý

Kód zboží: E845601
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The way we strip a cable not only depends on its size, but also on the kind of connector. Very important is the length of the insulating layer which is removed from the cable, conducting sheath, insulating spacer and the length of the internal conductor. These sizes should fit the connector perfectly and be up to electrical and mechanical standards.

The way of preparing the cable H-155 to fix the connector E845601
The connector should be crimped with crimping tool
6.3 mm
Způsob připojení kabelu H-155 na konektor E845601
Konektor by měl být zalisován krimpovacími kleštěmi 6.3 mm


Název SMA gold plated socket crimped on H-155 cable
Typ zboží
Dedicated cable H-155
Impedance Ω 50
Operating band MHz 0...11000
connector type straight
Connection type ,
Mounting to housing No