Stahovací páska se štítkem (100ks)

Kód zboží: E950611
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Záruka - 2 roky.

Podrobný popis

The E950611 cable ties are used for grouping wires, cables, etc. with the possibility of marking them for future identification. They can also be used for marking separate cables, so that only for identification purposes. This method of cable marking guarantees durability and ensures a high level of aesthetics in the installation. Each tie has a 10x20 mm tag for placing the relevant information.
The ties have clippers and toothed profiles along the whole length to lock the clamped bundle or cable. This construction does not allow the bundle to loosen. The design of the ties enables the user to make the installation work in a quick and safe way. The hooked end makes it easy to clamp and raise elements from the surface. Smooth, rounded edges do not cut hands of the installer or the surface of the fastened elements.
The package contains 100 pieces.


Typ zboží Clamp
type GTK-110M
Length mm 110
Šířka mm
Rupture force kg
Material POLIAMID 6.6
Karta Rozměry mm 10 × 20
Certificates UL, Lloyd's, GL59425-08HH
Minimum mounting temperature ºC -10
Provozní teplota ºC -40...+85
Number in package pcs. 100