Surge Protection Installation Box: Signal ZPZ-12 (12 paths, for multiswitch systems)


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Signal ZPZ-12 surge protection installation box R48612 has been designed for comprehensive protection of SMATV systems based on multiswitches. The device protects all the satellite and terrestrial TV paths (12) against voltage surges induced in signal lines by lightning strokes.

The box has been equipped with 12 Signal TV-Sat surge protectors R48602 that can protect:
  • satellite paths from 2 satellites (8 coaxial lines - 4 polarization-band pairs from each satellite),
  • 2 terrestrial radio paths (FM, DAB),
  • 2 DVB-T paths (UHF1, UHF2).
Key features
  • 12 surge protectors for 12 signal lines,
  • for outdoor or indoor use, made of PA 11 aluminum alloy, powder-painted in RAL 7035,
  • sealed and earthed door, mounted on two hinges, closed with a cylinder lock,
  • wall- mounted,
  • holes for cables with elastomer cable glands,
  • grounding connector (6 mm diameter, with cable eyelet),
  • cardboard packaging.
The box should be used at the input of a SMATV system, between antennas and the first active components (usually SAT/TV amplifiers). The box has to be grounded pursuant to the applicable regulations.
The construction of the box allows for the use of different types of F connectors and easy organization of coaxial cables. The recommended cable for connecting the protectors with antenna equipment is Triset-113 PE E1017, the best F-connectors are MASTER F 113 E80342. The output cables can also be Triset-113 PE E1017, or - in the case of long distances - Triset-11 PE E1025 (terminated with MASTER 11 E80362 F connectors).


Typ zboží Surge protection
Applications SMATV
Název ZPZ-12
Number of protectors 12
Installation On the wall, 4 holes ø 5.6 mm 234/180
Cable routing pass-through
Outdoor/indoor mounting Yes/Yes
Number of input holes 12
Number of output holes 12
Diameter of input/output holes. mm
Cable glands number pcs. 24
Material TPE thermoplastic elastomer
Wire diameter mm 5 – 11
Box material Aluminum alloy PA 11
Type of finishing RAL 7035 paint
Door Grounded, rubber seal in body, two hinges, cylinder lock with key
Grounding terminal of the box Yes, ø 6 mm, cable eyelet
Dimensions of the box mm 305 × 250x110
Weight kg 2
Informace o chrániči
Operating band MHz 5 – 2400
Input F-socket
Output F-socket
Insertion loss dB Typical 0.8 for 1 GHz, Typical 1.2 for 2 GHz
Matching dB Typical 12
maximum current kA 8 for 8/20 µs
Impedance Ω 75
DC-current transition Yes
DC breakdown voltage at 100 V/s V 230+/-42
Shielding factor dB > 90 (EN 50083-2/A1, klasa A)
Protection level at 1 kV/µs V ≤ 800