UHF TV Antenna: Dipol 44/21-60 Tri Digit ECO (with LNA-177 amplifier)

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UHF TV Antenna: Dipol 44/21-60 Tri Digit ECO (with LNA-177 amplifier)
View of the antenna

Antenna suitable for DVB-T/T2 signal reception
The Tri Digit ECO A2660 37-element antenna for the whole UHF band (ch. 21-69) equipped with LNA-177 B4009 amplifier (max 30 dB) is a cheapest version of the popular A2675 model, with nearly identical parameters. Due to special design of the array, the antenna has a very high gain, despite its compact size. The amplifier allows reception of broadcasts from remote transmitters, located even 50 km away. The receiving elements are made of aluminum, except for the reflector, made of galvanized steel.
The Tri Digit A2660 antenna is sold in the form nearly ready to use (assembled in 90%), in individual packaging (cardboard box) containing instruction leaflet.
There is a version of the antenna without an amplifier - A2660.
Name DIPOL 44/21-69 Tri Digit ECO with amp.
Code A2665
Gain [dBi] up to 46
Channels 21-69
Front/back ratio [dB] 25
H, V
Number of elements
Impedance [Ω] 75
Packaging cardboard box
Weight [kg] 1.37
Beam V/H  [°] 45/56
Length [mm] 1040
Power supply
12 VDC, 100 mA
Bulk packaging: five-packs (five boxes wrapped in foil).


Typ antény TV DVB-T/T2
Název Tri Digit ECO
Výrobce DIPOL
Typ antény RTV Directional
General data
Počet prvků pcs. 37
Rozměry mm 1050 × 510 × 540
Weight kg
Balení type Karton
Technické specifikace
Impedance Ω 300
Balun No
Operating band UHF
Frequency range MHz 470 – 790
Channels 21 – 60
Zisk max. dBi 16
Ozařování vpředu / vzadu dB 25
Polarization H/V
Built-in amplifier Yes
Zesílená šířka pásma UHF
Amplifier type LNA-177
Input impedance Ω 300
input impedance Ω 75
Gain dB 24...30 (channels 21 – 54), 30...19 (channels 54 – 69)
Power supply voltage V 12
current mA 55