Unicable I/II+Legacy LNB: GT-SAT GT-S2dCSS24 (Nc+, Cyfrowy Polsat)

Kód zboží: A98228
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The GT-SAT GT-S2dCSS24 A98228 LNB is designed for hybrid SMATV systems and equipped with the following outputs:
  • UNICABLE I/II; tuners can be connected by a single coaxial cable with a splitter,
  • LEGACY: for two satellite tuners that do not support the UNICABLE technology or one PVR-enabled receiver.
Key features
  • with the UNICABLE I/II technology, satellite receivers connected in series via one cable line have independent access to all available channels,
  • the single UNICABLE output of the LNB can feed up to 24 compliant satellite receivers (tuners),
  • very high frequency stability,
  • the latest technology, eliminating the need for complicated distribution systems based on star topology,
  • low noise figure,
  • high isolation between polarizations,
  • low current consumption,
  • ideal solution for providing satellite signals to multiple receivers over a single coaxial cable.
The GT-SAT GT-S2dCSS24 satellite LNB, mounted on a satellite dish (e.g. A9642), can feed up to 24 satellite receivers (tuners) from its UNICABLE I/II output over one coaxial cable. The LNB supports EN50494 (Unicable I) and EN50607 (Unicable II) standards.
Many different models of satellite receivers are currently available in the market. Not all of them support the SCR/Unicable system compliant with the EN50494 and/or EN50607 standard. The necessary condition for the use of SCR/UNICABLE technology is that it is implemented in the tuner. Below, you will find a list of all currently available satellite receivers that support Unicable I/II LNBs:
Cyfrowy Polsat receivers:
  • EVOBOX PVR - supports Unicable I/II
  • Mini HD 2000, HD 3000, HD 5000, HD 5500s, HD 6000, HD 7000 PVR - support Unicable I
Nc+ receivers:
  • 4K UltraBOX - supports Unicable I/II
  • mediaBOX+ (ADB ITI-3740SX), turboBOX+ (ADB ITI-5720SX), wifi PremiumBOX+ (ADB NCP-4740SF), BOX+ ADB ITI-2849/2850/2851S), PVR BOX+ (ITI-5800SX) - support Unicable I
Ferguson receivers:
  • Ferguson Ariva 253 Combo
  • Ferguson Ariva 4K Black
  • Ferguson Ariva 4K Combo Black
By default, the A98228 LNB is programmed according to the following list of frequencies for both outputs::

UB1 = 1210 MHz
UB2 = 1420 MHz
UB3 = 1680 MHz
UB4 = 2040 MHz
UB5 = 978 MHz
UB6 = 1028 MHz
UB7 = 1072 MHz
UB8 = 1116 MHz
UB9 = 1160 MHz
UB10 = 1271 MHz
UB11 = 1315 MHz
UB12 = 1359 MHz
UB13 = 1484 MHz
UB14 = 1528 MHz
UB15 = 1572 MHz
UB16 = 1616 MHz
UB17 = 2084 MHz
UB18 = 2128 MHz
UB19 = 1816 MHz
UB20 = 1860 MHz
UB21 = 1904 MHz
UB22 = 1948 MHz
UB23 = 1992 MHz
UB24 = 1728 MHz


Typ zboží LNB
Název GT-S2DCSS24
Výrobce GT-SAT
type Fullband, Unicable
Multiswitch system No
Operating band Ku
Frequency range Input GHz 10.7-12.75
Output GHz 0.95-2.15
Řízení Unicable/SCR dHello, DiSEqC2.0, EN50494, EN50607
Gain dB 62
Connector F
Mount diameter mm 40
Weight kg