Unicable I/II LNB: GT-dLNB1T (Nc+, Cyfrowy Polsat)

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The device relies on two types of technology:
  • DSP (ang. Digital Signal Processing) - digital signals are handled by top-quality processors that perform all the processing operations (reinforcement, filtering, transformation, attenuation, etc.) via dedicated software,
  • PLL (ang. Phase Locked Loop) - not unlike in the case of DSP, standard transistors and frequency generators have been replaced with a digital phase-locked loop (PLL).


Typ zboží LNB
Výrobce GT-SAT
type Unicable
No. of outputs 1
Multiswitch system No
Televizní slučovač Yes
Operating band Ku
Frequency range Input GHz 10.7-12.75
Output GHz 0.95-2.15
Řízení Unicable/SCR dHello, DiSEqC2.0, EN50494, EN50607
Gain dB 62
Connector F
Mount diameter mm 40
Weight kg