V Evropě - Show, v Asii - Obchod: Čínský elektronický veletrh

Hong Kong Electronics Fair: 13-16 OCT, 2005 &China Sourcing Fair in Shanghai: 10-12 OCT, 2005
Electronics fairs in Europe are thought out as a promotion of goods among final consumers - the exhibitions are generally focusing on the final stage of distribution. Thus the emphasis on the image of stands, and many additional attractions accompanying expositions. First of all, the public should notice promoted or new items that are well recognized as flagship products of leading firms and big corporations wanting to strengthen their positions.
Asian fairs are based on different concept - they are meetings of producers and distributors. Thousands of mainly Chinese firms sharply compete amongst themselves, and the participation in the fairs enables them to meet trading partners. For that reason, there is no problem to find willing exhibitors wanting to show their products. On the other hand, the interested buying party - traders and dealers - are coming from all over the world in search of attractive goods at lowest prices. And they can find real bargains.
All that is like an X-rated film show - no kids! Simply, admission for adults only, and - no gadgets for visitors. Nothing should disturb the peace needed for serious conversations on business!
Two thousand firms have shown their products in modern hall of Convention and Exhibition Center in Hong Kong.
One of halls at fair in Shanghai. Small and modest stalls, yet always with competent staff,
often including the head of the company - this is what featured both events.
Hong Kong Electronics Fair and China Sourcing Fair in Shanghai are both fairs of consumer electronics and places for establishing cooperation in business. The dominant group of goods were LCD monitors and TV sets. Within this market segment it is well seen battle over share in mobile applications. The popularity of video players and growing availability of DVB-T allow to use these monitors for comfortable viewing during car trips. Consequently, there were tens of firms showing their mobile monitors - and the items were very popular among customers, too.
Among mobile monitors and players we have noticed items put in sun visor and into control panel.
LCD monitors were being employed as "picture frames" for browsing photographs.
There were a lot of VoIP phones, offering work in all used systems, but Skype was the dominant one.
Nearly all producers of radio receivers showed DAB receivers. It may herald quick development and growth of popularity of digital radio broadcasting.

People do not loose interest in mobile phones. On the Asian market it is seen supplanting the well known world tycoons Nokia, Motorola and Sony Ericsson by local producers, providing much the same equipment at considerably lower prices.
MP3 player built in glasses.
Considering deluge of MP3 players and fall in prices, they really become gadgets, starting with several dollars' price. The next product entering the market is mobile video player, from which that working in MP4 mode and equipped with HDD should turn out to be the next hit among youngsters.
With the increase of popularity of palmtops, there is extended offer of useful accessories. The Spectec firm sharply competes against SunDisk in WLAN cards with SDIO slot (SD Input Output).
The Sunell firm has implemented Ultra-Wide Dynamic Color Camera, under license of American firm Pixim, equipped with new-generation sensor in which time of exposition is controlled up to single pixel, what prevents over- or under- exposing of picture fragments. That is what makes the camera an ideal tool for e.g. monitoring of roads.
The Forecam firm demonstrated day/night lens made of special glass improving night operation.
For customers having special demands and sophisticated taste, Chinese producers have prepared loudspeakers in the form of picture, TV set with flashlight and many other gizmos, and telephone for true blonde bombshell... We suspect all the products have been prepared for American market...
At fair in Hong Kong it is customary among friendly firms to give each other wreaths looking like... European funeral ones.
The visitors, tired of hustle and bustle, lost in a mass of facts and information, could leave everything behind in rooms for meditation.
However, as we have spotted, some other attractions seemed to be more popular among male company...