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Voice Synthesizer ROPAM VSR-2
Kód zboží: G7102
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Voice Synthesizer ROPAM VSR-2
View of the VSR-2 module
Voice Synthesizer ROPAM VSR-2
The included accessories
The VSR-2 voice synthesizer can store up to 16 voice messages in its non-volatile memory. The maximum duration of the messages 0-7 is 16 seconds (each) and of those numbered 8-F is 8 seconds (each). Such messages are used by GSM modules for telephone notifications about alarms and tamper alarms (activation of an output). Several messages can be merged into longer content. In this mode, the messages are played in the sequence they were entered in the VSR tab (via PARTNER GSM software). Entering the listen-in command interrupts the playback and results in switching to the listening mode (audio monitoring of the facility with the use of audio module).
  • AUDIO-IN for connecting audio module (audio monitoring of the facility),
  • Audio-OUT for playing back the recorded messages,
  • TEL.LINE for listening the telephone line,
  • three inputs (I1, I2, I3) for triggering messages, compatible with MGSM 2.0/3.0 and SATEL control panels
  • built-in microphone, PLAY, NO*1, REC buttons
  • merging up to 5 messages ("m" command),
  • easy installation and configuration, factory recorded messages 1-6,
  • digital communication with NEO, NEO-PS, BasicGSM, MultiGSM, MGSM 5.0 PS, MGSM 5.0 panels,
  • cooperation with all MGSM modules,
  • optical status indication.
24 months with possibility of extension for another 24 months.

The manufacturer - Ropam Elektronik - gives 24 months warranty since the date of purchase. The manufacturer agrees to extend the warranty for selected devices (according to the terms of the warranty included with a product) for the next 24 months in the case of sending an application including copies of the sales document and invoice from the installation company. The equipment should be installed only by professionals - the installation company must be recommended by the manufacturer or at least its scope of activities must include installation of electrical systems, which should be confirmed by a license.
Supply voltage
9 ÷ 14 VDC
Current consumption
20 mA (12 VDC)
Maximum duration of a single message
0 - 7: 16 seconds
8 - F: 8 seconds
Inputs I1, I2, I3triggered by shortening to GND, min. reaction time 100 ms. Rmax=200 ohm (addressing through the 'state' input)
Indication of operationLED: REC, PLAY; LED display
Operating environmentclass: I
temp.: +5°C...+55°C
RH: max 90%, no condensation
Mounting4x self-adhesive PCB mount
Dimensions80 x 57 x 25 mm
Weight75 g


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Voice Synthesizer ROPAM VSR-2
Kód zboží: G7102