Working meeting in Lodz - Intertelecom 2005

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From 1-3th of March the International Commuinication Fair - Intertelecom took place in %u0141ód?. The organizers estimate that about 200 companies and 16000 visitors have visited the exhibition this year.
A very poor infrastructure and a lack of big tele-communication companies among the exhibitors (TP SA, Era, Polkomtel) did not affect the event in a positive way.
A restrected program and a focus exclusively on the communication sector benefits the Intertelecom and makes it a meeting for the representatives of this sector of the industry.
Visitors, only in one day, can get a good feel of what the industry has to offer and the exhibitors may have a contact with professional customers.
The liberalization of market has kickstarted the communication industry in Poland, this is most visible in the wireless communication systems. Due to a huge demand in the Polish market the wireless technology is becoming a Polish specialty in Europe. One of the most renowned makers of 50 Ohm coaxial cables has informed that the sales of some products in Poland are a few times as high as those in Germany. It is the result of an underdeveloped infrastructure so prevelent in Poland, whereas in Germany wireless systems are used only as some complementary elements in the existing cable networks.

Pavilion overview

Astra, by presenting HDTV (High Definition TeleVision) is hoping that in 2008 there will be 28 million users of this system in Europe alone. The resolution of this TV - about 1088 lines and each - 1920 pixels. Traditional TV resolution is about 576 lines and 720 pixels. A free TV program has been broadcast since the 24th of October 2004 by ASTRY 19.2° East. Of course a special TV and tuner are required for its reception.

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HDTV from Astra

Nera has demonstrated a device for a SAT transmission with the use of the Inmarsat system. Thanks to the antenna, which is visible in the picture, a dual transmission in the range of 1525 - 1660MHz is possible. The communicator is compatible with MPDS system (Mobile Packet Data Servis), which allows the transfer speed to reach up to 64kb/s. The user who pays for the size of data and not the connection time can transmit data, audio and video. This equipment has been used for video transmission during K2 expedition. More information here.


Comunikator  MPDS (Mobile Packet Data Servis)

At the Rohde-Schwarz pavilion a spectrum analyzer FSH6 has been demonstrated. It works in the frequency range from 100kHz – 6GHz, in addition, it allows the ,easurment are displayed in a Smith chart. It has been designed as a robust, portable instrument that can be used in the field.


Portable spectrum analyzer FSH6

Data security does not only mean SSH or VPN, but it is also encryption of telephone communication. Encryption telephones RWT S.A. of Cygnus series allow users to have encrypted conversations both in the analog and digital (ISDN a/b ports) networks. These phones may function as regular phones, encrypters or modems. 256bit encryption uses AES algorithm.


Encryption telephones RWT S.A. Cygnus series

Hotspots Nomadix AG2000W – integration of various functions seen in the more advanced equipment. NES Core software will simplify the connection with a hotspot to the fullest. Bandwith management, payment plans, secure remote management, NAT – main features of this device.


Hotspots Nomadix AG2000W

VoIP – more and more popular. Avaya possesses the whole family of VoIP devices. IP phone from Avaya are equipped with Ethernet ports, auto update of the software from a TFTP server, G.711 and G.729A/B codecs. They are also compatible with Microsoft NetMeeteing.


Avaya possesses the whole family of VoIP devices

MIMO in action. Planex corporation has begun their production of CQW-AP108 AG access gateways that work in the IEEE 802.11n standard in their introductory models. The solutions applied allow to work at the speed of 108 Mb/s and, thanks to the application of MIMO technology, a wider range.


Planex have begun the production of access gateways in MIMO technology.

Computers, monitors emit electromagnetic radiation, which may be intercepted and used in espionage. The information can be later displayed on a monitor with a full access to sometimes very sensitive data. Wojskowy Instytut %u0141šczno%uFFFDci (Military Institute of Communication) has created a computer station that shows a low electromagnetic radiation. All elements of such a station like mouse, keyboard, monitor, or desktop are properly secured. It is compliant with the AMSG-720B standard and has JCW ABW certificate.


802.11g Standard is becoming more and more common. The price of the devices using it is getting to the level of those utilizing 802.11b. Linksys is offering devices such as: WAP54G, WRT54G, WRV54G, WET54GSS. They function as acces gateways, routers integrated with AP, routers capable of creating VPN channels integrated with AP and radio bidges.


AP from Linksys

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